FIFA Mobile – Lantern Festival


Hi FIFA Mobile Community,


Light up your lanterns under the crescent moon during the Lantern Festival. Log in daily to claim rewards, claim Players through the Exchange, and look out for the Lantern Packs!


Event Duration: March 31st – May 5th (35 days)


Basic Event Flow

  • Claim the daily April Free Offer from the Store for April Daily Points and other Rewards
  • Use the April Daily Points for Rewards and Lantern Festival Players
  • Use Lantern Points to claim Lantern Festival Players
  • Trade-in Players and Lantern Festival Players in the Exchange for Lantern Festival Players


Lantern Festival


Lantern Festival is a Store event, where you use the April Daily Points from the April Daily Free Offer to progress through the event. The Offer refreshes every 21 hours and can be claimed up to 30 times throughout the event. 


From the April Daily Free Offer you’ll receive a guaranteed April Daily Point. You use these Points in the Store to claim the Lantern Festival Offers. Check out the table below for the rewards and the requirements:



Requirement to Unlock


Day 1


Rankup Elite Tokens

Day 3

Claim the Day 1 Offer


Day 5

Claim the Day 3 Offer

Victory Lap Emote

Day 7

Claim the Day 5 Offer

Lantern Point & Logo

Day 12

Claim the Day 7 Offer

Sun & Moon Kit

Day 21

Claim the Day 12 Offer

88 OVR GK Uğurcan Çakır

Day 27

Claim the Day 21 Offer

100 Training Transfer Items

Day 30

Claim the Day 27 Offer

90 OVR LM Sadio Mané 


Lantern Points


A guaranteed Lantern Point can be claimed from the Milestones and they are available as a Possible Reward in the April Daily Free Offer. Use these Lantern Points on the Lantern Offer to claim Lantern Festival Players. There is a chance to get another Lantern Point and a new Emote from this Offer too! 




Trade-in the Lantern Festival Players and other Players in the Exchange for more amazing Players, including a 93 OVR LM Sadio Mané Premium version!




93 OVR LM Sadio Mané

– ( 1 ) 90 OVR LM Sadio Mané 

– ( 1 ) 90+ OVR Player 

– ( 4 ) Lantern Festival Players 

– ( 20 ) 80+ OVR Players 

92 OVR Lantern Player

– ( 3 ) Lantern Festival Players 

– ( 1 ) 90+ OVR Player 

– ( 20 ) 80+ OVR Players 

– ( 20 ) 75+ OVR Players 

88+ OVR Lantern Festival Player

– ( 3 ) 85+ OVR Players 

– ( 4 ) 80+ OVR Players 

– ( 5 ) 75+ OVR Players 




S6_APRIL_POINT2.pngApril Daily Point

  • Claim them from the April Free Offer
  • Use them in the Store


S6_LANTERN_POINT2.pngLantern Point

  • Claim them from the April Free Offer, the Milestones, and the Lantern Offer
  • Use them on the Lantern Offer


That wraps up the Lantern Festival Event Guide! Check out our Instagram for more amazing artwork!