FIFA Mobile – UEFA Champions League



Hello FIFA Mobile Community!


European nights are back, and the biggest teams on the continent are facing off under the lights. Earn players as you experience the road to the finals in the UEFA Champions League event!


Event Duration: March 17th – May 5th (49 Days)


Basic Event Flow:

  • Play through a path of Skill Games and Matches to earn UCL Tokens
  • Trade in UCL Tokens for UCL Group Points, Players and Resources.
  • Trade in UCL Group Points for UCL Players
  • Play through the UCL Tournament to earn UCL Tokens and an UCL Player
  • Trade in Players and UCL Players in the Exchange for UCL Players. 
  • Play Matches and Head to Head matches in Challenge Mode to earn UCL Tokens. 

Important Dates

  • March 24th: Group E-H unlocks in the Group Stage
  • Fridays, Sundays, and Wednesdays: Play Matches in Challenge Mode
  • Saturdays: Play Head to Head matches in Challenge Mode



Play three Skill Games and a Match every 12 hours to earn UCL Tokens. The UCL Tokens can be used in three different sections that have increased odds of a certain reward: Coins, Skill Boosts or Players. For every claim you will also receive UCL Group Points. Those can be used in the Group Stage chapter, but more about that later. 







Using the UCL Tokens will give you progression towards the UCL Milestones, which have a variety of rewards. The rewards include Icons, 84+ OVR Group Stage Players, and Resources. 




UCL Tokens Spent


UCL Tokens Spent 



Gold+ Player


1000000 Coins


75000 Coins


500 Skill Boosts


125 Skill Boosts


90 OVR Enhanced Base Icon


1000 UCL Group Points


2500000 Coins


500000 Coins


94 OVR Event Icon


10 Rankup Elite


97 OVR Prime Icon


84+ OVR UCL Group Stage Player



Group Stage

The Group Stage is the place where you can spend your UCL Group Points to claim UCL Group Stage Players. Group A-D will be available at the beginning of the event and Group E-H will unlock on March 24th, so spend your UCL Group Points wisely!


Claiming the node on the left will grant you an UCL Player and progression towards unlocking the Player nodes for that Group. Keep in mind that you can only claim 1 Player from each group!




UCL Tournament

The UCL Tournament is the place where you can play in your own UCL Tournament! 


You will start by choosing which group that you want to join. Then you can choose to play eight different matches, win six of them to complete the Group Stage and progress to the Round of 16. 


Win the Round of 16 to progress to the Quarter Finals, followed by the Semi Finals, and finally you can play the finals! Win the final match to claim an UCL Trophy Logo and an 84+ OVR Group Stage Player!


Winning the matches will also give you UCL Tokens. 




Daily Quests

Earn even more UCL Tokens by completing Daily Quests. There are up to 60 UCL Tokens to be earned daily by completing the Quests. In addition you can claim extra UCL Tokens via the Daily Login rewards!




Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode returns in UEFA Champions League and you’ll be able to earn additional UCL Tokens by completing the UCL themed Challenge Modes.


Keep an eye on the requirements though, the amount of required UCL Players in your active lineup ramps up from 0 to 6 as the event progresses. 


Challenge Mode will be available on Friday to Sunday, and on Wednesdays. 


Saturdays will be a bit different; On Saturdays the Challenge Mode contains H2H matches instead of the regular PvE matches. So be sure to brush up on your H2H skills!






Week 1


Week 2

1 UCL Player

Week 3

2 UCL Players

Week 4

3 UCL Players

Week 5

4 UCL Players

Week 6

5 UCL Players

Week 7 

6 UCL Players


Star Pass

The UEFA Champions League event comes with an all new Star Pass. The Star Pass will be 100 levels long and runs for the entire duration of the event. It’s no easy feat, so make sure you stay on track!


The Star Pass includes some amazing rewards including; UCL Group Players, new Emotes, UCL Logos, UCL Tokens, Group Points, and even several Icons..





You will have the opportunity to trade-in UCL Players, Gold Players, and Elite Players for some more amazing rewards. Head over to the Exchange in-game for more information!






UCL Token.pngUCL Tokens

  • Earn them by completing Skill Games and Matches in the Main chapter, in the UCL Tournament by claiming completing Matches, through Daily Quests and Login Rewards, winning Matches in Challenge Mode, through the Star Pass and by completing Exchanges. 
  • Spend them in the Main chapter to claim UCL Players. 

UCL Group Point.pngUCL Group Points

  • Earn them in the Main chapter by trading in UCL Tokens and through the Star Pass.
  • Use them in the Group Stage chapter.

That wraps up the UEFA Champions League Event Guide. We hope that you enjoyed reading through the guide and don’t forget to check out our Instagram for some amazing content and artwork!


Let us know what you think about the UEFA Champions League event in our UCL Feedback Thread!