FIFA Mobile – UEFA Europa League


Hello FIFA Mobile Community,


Complete Daily Quests, trade-in Players in the Exchange for exciting Player rewards, vote for your favourite clubs, and claim Players from the three top voted for clubs in our latest UEFA Europa League Event! 


  • Event Duration: March 3rd – March 17th 

Basic Event Flow

  • Complete Daily Quests to claim UEL Points
  • Use UEL Points to claim UEL Exchange Points and UEL Players
  • Trade in Exchange Points and Players for UEL Exchange Players
  • Claim Fan Ballots daily from the Free Offer in Fan Vote
  • Use Fan Ballots to vote for your favourite club 
  • Claim a Player from the winning clubs




This event is all about the Quests, so hop over to the Quest section and check out what you need to do to claim those valuable UEL Points. 


UEL Points are very important in the UEFA Europa League Event as they are needed to claim UEL Exchange Points and UEL Players.  


You’ll can use those in the Exchange and to progress in the Milestones for even more rewards!





Complete 4 different Milestones to claim UEL Points, an 85 OVR UEL Player, 89 OVR CAM Enhanced Base Icon Gheorghe Hagi, and even an UEL Super Logo for winning a Division Rivals match using 11 UEL players in your active lineup. 


Are you up for the challenge?






Claim 7 UEL Player Offers

85 OVR UEL Player

Claim 15 UEL Player Offers

89 OVR CAM Enhanced Base Icon Gheorghe Hagi

Earn 900 Star Pass Credits

100 UEL Points

Win a Division Rivals match with 11 UEL Players*

UEL Super Logo


*All players must be in your starting lineup at kickoff.



Trade in players from each of the UEL clubs to earn Exchange Players. These players don’t have to be UEL Players, they can be any 70+ OVR Players from their respective clubs. 







95 OVR CF Event Icon Dennis Bergkamp

16 83+ UEL Players

3000 UEL Exchange Points


89-92 OVR UEL Group C/E Player

3 sets of 6 70+ Players from relevant clubs*

400 UEL Exchange Points

2 million

90 OVR UEL Group F Player

2 sets of 10 70+ Players from relevant clubs*

400 UEL Exchange Points

2 million

89-92 OVR UEL Group A/B/D/G/H Player

4 sets of 5 70+ Players from relevant clubs*

400 UEL Exchange Points

2 million


*This means 5 70+ OVR Players from each team per UEL Group. For example, to complete the UEL Group A Player Exchange, you need to trade in 5 Lyon Players, 5 Rangers Players, 5 Sparta Prague Players, and 5 Brondby Players.




Group A

OL, Rangers, Sparta Praha, Brøndby IF

Group B

Real Sociedad, PSV, AS Monaco, SK Sturm Graz

Group C

Leicester City, Napoli, Legia Warszawa

Group D

Royal Antwerp FC, Fenerbahçe, Olympiacos CFP, Frankfurt

Group E

OM, Galatasaray SK, Latium

Group F

SC Braga, FC Midtjylland

Group G

Real Betis, Leverkusen, Ferencvárosi TC, Celtic

Group H

West Ham, Dinamo Zagreb, KRC Genk, SK Rapid Wien


Fan Vote

Acquire UEL Ballots from the Free Offer in the Fan Vote Chapter and use them to cast a vote for your favourite club.


On March 10th the votes will be counted and Players from the top 3 winning teams will become available for you to claim!


Cast your vote 4 times to unlock the Milestone at the end to claim a 90-92 OVR UEL Player.


Fan Vote.png




currencyItem_Points_UEL.pngUEL Points

  • Earn them by completing Daily Quests
  • Use them in the Store to claim Exchange Points and Players


currencyItem_Ballot_UEL_V4.pngFan Ballots

  • Claim them from the Free Offer in the Fan Vote chapter
  • Use them to vote on your favourite team in the Fan Vote chapter


currencyItem_exchangePoint_UEL.pngExchange Point

  • Claim them through the Store by using UEL Points
  • Spend them in the Exchange for Players

That wraps up the UEFA Europa League Event Guide! Check out our Instagram for more amazing artwork and don’t forget to let us know what you think about the event  in our UEFA Europa League Feedback Thread.