Should You Ditch Spotify Too?

There’s also a lot of people who left to get HD music because high definition music came out on Tidal or Amazon HD and people made the switch for that reason. And a lot of people went to Apple Music when it launched. And then again went to Apple Music when Apple One, the subscription package, launched. So if you like arcade games and you want to do the workouts and you want access to iCloud and you want Apple Music, you can get all of that for a lower—

LG: Bundle.

MC: Yeah, a bundled lower price. So yeah, it’s not new.

LG: So how would one go about, and I’ll open this up to the both of you, go about switching from Spotify to another service if you have tons of playlists in Spotify and you don’t want to lose those?

MC: Well, there is a piece of software you can use, but I’m curious to hear Kate’s firsthand recent personal experience of switching.

KK: OK. So I would’ve probably benefited from doing any research before I switched because what I did was angrily delete Spotify. I didn’t use any of those services. I know they exist now, but I was just like, «New year, new me. Goodbye playlists.» And I had a lot of playlists that I liked. So I’m sad. I’m trying to recreate them on Apple Music, but I don’t know, maybe it’s … I thought it was a good chance for a fresh listening start, see what a new algorithm thinks that I’ll like. I do openly admit, though, that I miss my playlists. If you’re going to make the switch, I recommend looking into porting them over if you like your playlists, because making the fresh break is a pretty aggressive move, which I did.

LG: What happens if someone has shared a playlist with you on Spotify? Like, Mike, I have one of your playlists downloaded to my Spotify, your dinner party one.

MC: Yes.

LG: And then just last week I went to a yoga class, really liked the playlist, went up to the instructor afterward, said, “Hey, what was that playlist?” And she just airdropped me a Spotify link. Can you port those over to a new account, or do you lose those? Can you only port over your own created playlists?

MC: I have no idea.

LG: Huh? We’re going to have to follow up on that, folks. And thanks for listening to this podcast. Well, that’s been … OK. Continue, please.

MC: There are tools that you can use to port your own playlists and sort of any creation that you’ve done in Spotify. You can port it to pretty much all of the big other services, not just Apple Music, but also things like Tidal, or Cubase, or … I’m probably saying that wrong, or YouTube music is a good contender. Our colleague in the UK, Adam Speight, wrote a really great guide to switching and specifically about how to take your playlist with you. The tool that he recommends, which is the same tool that I’ve used a couple of times, it’s called SongShift. You download an app, you log in to the service that you’re leaving and the service that you’re joining, and then you just click a button and it syncs all of your preferences and all of your saved playlists over to the other service.