Honey, I Brought the Kids Into Virtual Reality

GE: Your recommendation is, apply long term thinking to the goal of getting a tattoo, which is something that doesn’t happen too often.

AS: I don’t know, tattoos are forever, Gilad.

GE: I’m actually blown away to learn that you already have four tattoos because … To the listeners out there, Adrienne has a very wholesome vibe, obviously putting out some mom energy into the world. And I’ve also just been in your physical presence and not noticed that you were tatted up.

AS: As far as my parents know, I don’t have any. Mom, cover- Mom, earmuffs. But yeah, this is part of my brand, Gilad. Adrienne: not a gamer, not tattooed.

LG: It’s all a façade.

GE: You’re living a lie. You’re living a second life, Adrienne.

AS: Good one.

LG: Oh, I bet people will be charging tattoo artists in the metaverse to tat up their virtual avatars.

AS: Oh, that’s such a good idea. The lines in the metaverse would probably be shorter than the real ones at this point.

GE: Don’t hurt as much.

LG: Gilad, do you have any tattoos?

GE: No, I don’t have any tattoos and I never will.

LG: OK, all right.

GE: Lauren, you’re supposed to say, «Why mess with perfection?»

GE: Oh, thanks Lauren. Thank you, that’s so sweet.

LG: Why mar anything that’s already perfect?

GE: OK, OK, OK, we get it.

LG: But Adrienne also, I respect that you are going to get a fifth tattoo at some point. If I can help in any way, let me know. You can come down to San Francisco and get it done. It’d be really fun.

AS: Yay.

LG: All right Gilad, he who does not have any tattoos, I must ask you now, what is your recommendation this week?

GE: It’s not off the wall, it’s food related. It’s basically a recipe. I’ve been enjoying making mashed cauliflower recently. It sounds like a sad, healthy version of mashed potatoes but it’s not. It’s a good, healthy version of mashed potatoes because I like cauliflower and it’s also quite a bit lighter than mashed potatoes, which can sometimes be pretty heavy. You just chop up your cauliflower, boil it for quite a long time to get a nice and … Not an hour but probably good 25, 30 minutes, I would say. Drain it, mash it up, and then I’ve actually … The last time I did it, I used the immersion blender to get a really nice, smooth consistency. And then because you’re doing cauliflower, I feel more liberated to put in quite a bit of butter. And then I also like to put in a good bit of Greek yogurt, which is creamy but also has some tang and some acidity to it, which is really good for the flavor.

And then obviously, you can customize this however you want but just throwing that out there. It’s a nice side dish and you feel good about eating it but it actually tastes good.