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Hello FIFA Mobile Community,


Welcome to TOTW, where you can find the top performers from the world of football! Complete Quests, trade in players through the Exchange, and open Offers to redeem new TOTW Players every week for your Ultimate Team!


  • Earn TOTW Points from completing Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Use your TOTW Points towards Offers to earn TOTW Players
  • Open enough TOTW Offers to earn TOTW Starter Points
  • Use your Starter Points towards guaranteed TOTW Starter Players
  • Trade in extra TOTW Players in the Exchanges for more TOTW Points and Rewards



Complete various Daily and Weekly Quests to earn your TOTW Points. Finish all your Weekly Quests to receive a 100 TOTW Point completion reward!


TOTW Quests.png





Win 2 Division Rivals Matches

35 TOTW Points


Earn 400 Star Pass Score

50 TOTW Points


Win 25 Division Rivals Matches

50 TOTW Points


Score 300 Goals

50 TOTW Points


Complete 15 Skill Games and/or Matches in Daily Training

50 TOTW Points


Complete all Weekly Quests

100 TOTW Points



TOTW Points will carry over from week to week until the TOTW event ends.


TOTW Offers

Use your TOTW Points to open the TOTW Offer for a TOTW Reserve or Starter Player. Every time you redeem the offer, your TOTW Countdown gets closer to reaching 0.

TOTW Offer.png


Hit 0 on the TOTW Countdown to get a TOTW Starter Point, which is redeemable for a guaranteed TOTW Starter Player!


TOTW Starter Offer.png






TOTW Offer

100 TOTW Points

1 TOTW Player


TOTW Starter Offer

1 TOTW Starter Point

1 TOTW Starter Player




Bring your TOTW Players to the Exchanges to trade them in for TOTW Points and Skill Boosts. Each Exchange has a completion limit that refreshes weekly.


TOTW Exchanges.png


Requirement 1

Requirement 2


Completion Limit


3 TOTW Players from Current Week

2 73+ TOTW Players (from any week)

100 TOTW Points

3 times


1 TOTW Starter from Current Week

3 76+ TOTW Players (from any week)

100 Skill Boosts

2 times


TOTW Exchange 2.png


TOTW Players

You might be wondering: “Why is FIFA Mobile using last week’s TOTW?” Well, that’s a perfectly valid question! 


For the first few weeks of TOTW, FIFA Mobile will be using FUT’s previous week of TOTW. This is due to some technical issues that the team is working on fixing. We expect to catch up with FUT and use their TOTW Players by March. Thank you for understanding!




currencyItem_Point_TOTW.pngTOTW Point

  • Earn them by completing Daily and Weekly Quests, and trading in Players through the Exchange.
  • Use them towards TOTW Offers to earn TOTW Players.

currencyItem_StarterPoint_TOTW.pngTOTW Starter Point

  • Earn them by reaching zero on the TOTW Countdown Timer.
  • Use them towards the TOTW Starter Offer to earn a guaranteed TOTW Starter Player.

That wraps up the guide on TOTW! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Instagram! Would you like to share your feedback on the event? Let us know in our TOTW Feedback Topic.