How to use voice effects on Instagram Reels

Dress up your Instagram reels by adding voice effects to your videos.

Instagram Reels aren’t far removed from TikToks, and they give users many of the same video-making tools. You can film short videos and edit them with various effects like adding audio, controlling the speed, using a filter, overlaying text, and adding voice effects. We’re going to focus on voice effects, and show you how you can add voice effects to your Instagram Reels.

Whether you want to sound like you’re a giant, a robot, an announcer, a vocalist, or if you want to sound like you’ve just inhaled an ungodly amount of helium, here’s how you can access this feature.

1. Tap the “Reel” button at the bottom of your Instagram feed screen

The “Reel” button. Also, we hope you like this post of a cat in a little sweater enjoying a refreshing beverage.
Credit: instagram

2. Tap the camera icon in the top right corner to create a Reel

Tap the camera icon in the top right corner
Credit: instagram

3. Hold the record button to create a Reel, edit it using your initial editing options, and then tap “Preview”

4. You’ll have more editing tools at the top of the Preview screen. Tap the audio control tool that looks like a music note

Audio control tool
Credit: instagram

5. Tap “Effects” in your audio controls, and pick whichever effect you want to add to your voice

Voice effects in your audio controls
Credit: instagram

The voice effect you chose will be added to your Reel, and then you’ll sound like a robot, or a giant, or…you get the point. You won’t sound like you did before.