How to use voice-to-text on Instagram Reels

Voice-to-text options are becoming more common on social media apps like Instagram and TikTok as an easy way to provide on-screen captions for videos.

On-screen voice-to-text captions allow for a more inclusive audience, making videos more accessible for viewers that may have hearing issues. It’s also helpful for folks that are in an environment where they can’t play sound on their phone.

One social media company utilizing these captions is Instagram. When you create an Instagram Reel, which is basically Instas version of TikTok, you can add this feature to transcribe your audio into text. Follow these steps to add voice-to-text to your Instagram Reel.

1. To create a Reel, tap the icon at the very bottom-middle of your screen

The “Reel” button at the bottom-middle of the screen. Also, please enjoy the picture of this kitten named Drizzle.
Credit: instagram

2. Tap the camera icon in the top right corner

Tap the camera icon in the top right
Credit: instagram

3. Make a video by holding the record button, and then customize it with audio, speed effects, filters, and more

4. When you’re done with your video, tap “Preview”

5. In the editing options at the top, tap the sticker icon

Find the sticker icon in your editing options at the very top
Credit: instagram

6. Search or select “Captions”

“Captions” may already be there, but if not, you can search it
Credit: instagram

7. Instagram will automatically transcribe your audio and turn it into an on-screen caption

Screenshot of my example Instagram Reel after I added voice-to-text captions
Credit: instagram

8. When you’re done editing, tap “Next” in the bottom right corner.

Fill out the settings on the next screen, and share your amazing, freshly captioned Reel!