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Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


We’re opening a FIFA Mobile Limited Beta! Try out some of next season’s modes, features, and gameplay in development. Your participation will help us improve the quality of the game. We hope you enjoy it! 



When: The Beta opens on Monday November 22nd and runs for 3 weeks.


Countries: The Beta is available for users in India, Romania, and Canada.


How to Join: Download the Beta directly from the Google Play Store.




Devices Included: The Beta is only available on the Google Play Store.


Modes Included: The Beta will include limited modes coming soon to FIFA Mobile. Here’s what to expect:


  • Audio Commentary & Stadium SFX
  • Upgraded Visuals with new Graphic Settings
  • Mini-Events with Skill Games and Matches
  • VS Attack and Head to Head
  • New Menus and UI
  • New Player Training System
  • Daily Quests
  • Simplified Star Pass*
  • Login Bonus Rewards
  • New Storefront and Store Packs*
  • Base Players, Base Icon Players, and Event Players

*There are no paid passes or packs in the Beta. Purchasing is disabled in the Beta.


No progression or account information will carry over from the Beta to the current or upcoming season.


Bug Reports: As this is a beta, you may encounter bugs. To report any bugs or technical issues please visit the FIFA Mobile Beta forums.

Feedback: We want to hear about your experience in the FIFA Mobile Beta. Visit the Beta forum thread to share any feedback.


We understand that some of you who can’t play the Beta are eager to get an early look at features we are testing. Your passion and enthusiasm for FIFA Mobile is not going unnoticed. We will have plenty of exciting news coming up about what’s to come that we can’t wait to share!


Thank you,


-The FIFA Mobile Team

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