FIFA Mobile – National Heroes: Worldwide


Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


Welcome back to National Heroes, this time with a global twist. It’s National Heroes: Worldwide!


If you played National Heroes back in July (here’s the previous event guide), you’ll be familiar with most of what’s written below. But if it’s your first time playing National Heroes, then this guide is for you!


  • Ads: 1 Ad daily giving 15 National Energy
  • Coin Packs: 7 weekly Coin Pack giving 15 National Energy for 75,000 coins
  • Daily Claim: 10 Avalanche Shards
  • Energy: National Energy refreshing 1 per hour with a max of 30
  • Event Duration: September 16th – September 30th (14 Days)

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play Matches and Skill Games in the Adventure Path to earn National Points.
  • Play themed VSA or H2H in Matchday for National Score and Leaderboard position.
  • Use your National Points towards Players on the Reward Path.
  • Use your Mosaic Tokens in the Mosaic and to progress down the Milestone Path.

Would you like to share your feedback on the event? Let us know in our National Heroes: Worldwide Feedback Thread.


Adventure Path

Play through 3 paths of Matches and Skill Games. Every node requires 15 National Energy, but you’ll receive it back if you lose. Every node from a specific chapter (except the Final Matches) gives out the same number of National Points.

NationalHeroesWorldwide (1).png




Win Reward

Loss Reward

Chapter 1

15 National Energy

900 National Points

15 National Energy

Chapter 1 Final Match

15 National Energy

1100 National Points

15 National Energy

Chapter 2

15 National Energy

925 National Points

15 National Energy

Chapter 2 Final Match

15 National Energy

1125 National Points

15 National Energy

Chapter 3

15 National Energy

950 National Points

15 National Energy

Chapter 3 Final Match

15 National Energy

1150 National Points

15 National Energy


Match 9 in Part 1 and 2 will give out a Choice Point towards a 96 OVR and 100 OVR Player, respectively. The Final Match in Part 3 will have a Choice Point for a 104 OVR Player.

NationalHeroesWorldwide (2).png


NationalHeroesWorldwide (4).png


Once you have completed the Final Match in Chapter 3, you can play the Challenger Match for base currency (Coins, Skill Boosts, or Training XP). The Challenger Match costs 15 National Energy and can be replayed as often as you like.



Build specific nation-themed squads as you face off for Leaderboard supremacy!


  • Ads: 4 ads daily giving 5 National Tickets per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 4 Weekly Coin Packs that give 10 National Tickets for 20,000 coins.
  • Energy: National Tickets refresh 1 per hour with a max of 18.

NationalHeroesWorldwide (9).png




Win Reward

Draw Reward

Loss Reward


5 National Tickets

25 National Score

10 National Score

5 National Score


10 National Tickets

50 National Score

20 National Score

10 National Score

AI Match

5 National Tickets

10 National Score

5 National Score


Use Featured National Heroes Players and Icons in your Active Lineup for bonus National Score.


There will be 6 Featured Nations that rotate every 3 days. Include any player of those specific nationalities to receive a National Score bonus. See the chart below for full bonus amounts.


The 6 Featured Nations will run according to this schedule (all dates are for 19:00 UTC):

  • Group 1 – September 16 to September 19
  • Group 2 – September 19 to September 22
  • Group 3 – September 22 to September 25
  • Group 4 – September 25 to September 28

There are 2 types of Leaderboards during the event:

  • 3 Day Leaderboards (these align with the Featured Nation groups above)
  • 15 Day Global Leaderboard

Every Leaderboard will have a new set of Featured Nations.


Squad Bonus

National Score per Match*

Bonus Limit per Match

Featured Nation National Heroes Player

15 National Score


Featured Nation Player**

10 National Score


Base/Event/Prime Icon

25 National Score


National Score Boost

40 National Score



*Amounts are doubled for H2H.

**Includes past program and base players.


Using a National Heroes Player from a Featured Nation gives you both the 15 and 10 Score Bonus. This means if you use 3 Featured National Heroes Players in your Matchday lineup, you only need 3 other Featured Players from any program to max out the 6 Bonus limit (i.e. 60 National Score).




Boost Duration

Bonus Limit per Match

National Score Boost

200 FIFA Points or 500 Gems

4 hours



Use a National Score Boost for an extra 4 hour bonus. These are available with Gems, FIFA Points, or by completing Matchday Quests.


Matchday Quests






Score 15 Goals anywhere in FIFA Mobile

1 National Score Boost

3 Days

Win 3 Matches anywhere in FIFA Mobile*

1 National Score Boost

3 Days

Win 5 Matches anywhere in FIFA Mobile*

2 National Score Boosts


*Head to Head, VS Attack, and PvE/AI Matches all count towards these quests.


Master and Legendary Rewards

Use your National Points along either the Master or Legendary Path for rewards and Choice Points.

NationalHeroesWorldwide (8).png


Use your corresponding Choice Points towards the available National Heroes Players. Use Master Choice Points for 104 OVR Players and Legendary Choice Points for 108 OVR Players.


NationalHeroesWorldwide (7).png




Use 6,000 National Points

National Heroes 101 OVR GK Claudio Bravo

Use 10,000 National Points

500 Mosaic Tokens

Use 15,000 National Points

National Heroes 104 OVR CB John Brooks

Use 35,000 National Points

Event Icon 98 OVR Luis Hernández

Use 37,000 National Points

Event Icon 100 OVR CAM Hidetoshi Nakata

Use 50,000 National Points

Prime Icon 110 OVR LB Roberto Carlos

NationalHeroesWorldwide (10).png



Use your Mosaic Tokens here to earn extra National Heroes Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, and Training XP. After 8 pulls, you’ll get a guaranteed Player. This time around, there are 12 total Players in the Mosaic that will refresh after 7 days.


Spending your Mosaic Tokens gives you progress down the Milestone Path. Earn Skill Boosts, Coins, Training XP, National Points, Players, as well as Common, Epic, and Legendary Shards.


NationalHeroesWorldwide (5).png


Mosaic Tokens Spent



200 Skill Boosts


500 National Points


52,500 Training XP


300 Skill Boosts


1500 National Points


100,000 Training XP


700 Skill Boosts


75 Common Shards


500,000 Coins


National Heroes 98 OVR RB Kim Moon Hwan


175,000 Training XP


25 Epic Shards


1250 Skill Boosts


15 Legendary Shards


National Heroes 107 OVR ST Mohamed Salah



Points.pngNational Points

    • Earn them from playing Matches and Skill Games along the Adventure Paths.
    • Use them towards National Heroes Players in the Master or Legendary Rewards.



Master and Legendary Choice Points

    • Earn them from completing one of the Master or Legendary Reward Paths.
    • Use them towards a National Heroes Player.


NATIONAL_SCORE.pngNational Score

    • Earn them from playing Matches in the Matchday chapter.
    • Use them to place on the Leaderboards.


NATIONAL_SCORE_BOOST.pngNational Score Boost

    • Earn them from Daily Quests or purchase them with Gems/FIFA Points.
    • Use them to earn bonus National Score.



    • Earn them from the Reward Milestones.
    • Use them towards rewards in the Mosaic.



    • Earn them from logging in daily.
    • Use them towards the Avalanche Shard pack.



There are 2 SBCs available. Exchange National Heroes Players and other Players for Skill Boosts, Rare and Epic Rank Shards.



Min Team OVR

Req 1

Req 2


Reward 2

1 Per Week

96 OVR

2 National Heroes Players

3 other Players

30 Rare Shards

15 Epic Shards

2 per Week

94 OVR

Min 1 National Heroes Player

2 other Players

750 Skill Boosts


Hope you’re ready for National Heroes! Stay posted for more information both in game and on our Instagram!


Would you like to share your feedback on the event? Let us know in our Events Feedback topic.


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