FIFA Mobile – Ultimate Memories: Flashbacks


Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


It’s time to get nostalgic with Ultimate Memories: Flashbacks!


We’re celebrating club legends who have spent their entire careers with a single team or have recently returned to an old club. Play match scenarios with special lineup requirements to unlock Flashbacks Players, which includes a 100 OVR Event Icon CAM Diego Maradona!


Get ready for a blast from the past!


  • Ads: 1 Ad daily giving 5 Flashbacks Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 7 weekly Coin Packs giving 5 Flashbacks Energy for 55,000 coins
  • Daily Claim: 3 Gallery Points
  • Energy: Flashbacks Energy refreshing 1 per hour with a max of 18
  • Event Duration: July 15th – August 5th (21 Days)


Basic Event Flow:

  • Play Matches with Team Requirements in Flashbacks Chapters to earn Flashbacks Points and Gallery Points.
  • Use your Flashbacks Points towards Players on the Reward Path.
  • Use your Gallery Points to find various rewards. Earn extra rewards from the Milestone for spending Gallery Points.

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Flashbacks Scenarios

Play different Match scenarios as you work towards unlocking each featured Flashbacks Player! There are 7 total chapters, each with different lineup requirements.



The Flashbacks Player Chapters unlock according to these dates (19:00 UTC time):


  • 96 OVR LM Ashley Young – July 15
  • 96 OVR RM Joaquín – July 15
  • 98 OVR ST Fabio Quagliarella – July 20
  • 100 OVR CB Pepe – July 22
  • 102 OVR CM Ivan Rakitić – July 27
  • 103 OVR GK Gianluigi Buffon – July 29
  • 100 OVR Event Icon CAM Diego Maradona – July 29


All the matches are replayable for Flashbacks Points, but Gallery Points only come with the First Win Reward.





Win Reward

First Win Reward

Loss Reward

All Matches

5 Flashbacks Energy

175 Flashbacks Points

1-5 Gallery Points

5 Flashbacks Energy


Complete all 8 matches in a specific Player’s chapter to unlock the ability to redeem them for Flashbacks Points. Each Featured Player has a different Flashbacks Point cost.


Featured Milestone Player

Flashbacks Points Cost*

96 OVR LM Ashley Young


96 OVR RM Joaquín


98 OVR ST Fabio Quagliarella


100 OVR CB Pepe


102 OVR CM Ivan Rakitić


103 OVR GK Gianluigi Buffon


100 OVR Event Icon CAM Diego Maradona



*Requires completing all 8 matches in that Player’s chapter to unlock.


Reward Path

Use your Flashbacks Points here for rewards and Players!






Use 33,000 Flashbacks Points

106 OVR Prime Icon RM Garrincha

Gallery Game

Use your Gallery Points here to develop the instant film and find 3 of the featured rewards of the day! Every day will have a different Flashbacks Player and rewards, including bonus Flashbacks Points.



Earn Milestone rewards for spending certain amounts of Gallery Points.



Gallery Points Spent



50 Flashbacks Points


150 Skill Boosts


96 OVR EOE CM Borja Valero


10 Rare Rank Shards


50,000 Training XP


500,000 Coins


100 OVR Flashbacks RB Séamus Coleman


5 Legendary Shards


102 OVR Flashbacks CDM Mark Noble




currencyItem_Point_Flashbacks.pngFlashbacks Points

    • Earn them from playing Matches in the Player Chapters.
    • Use them towards Flashbacks Players in the Reward Chapter.

currencyItem_Gallery_Flashbacks.pngGallery Points

    • Earn them from playing Matches in the Player Chapters (First Wins Only).
    • Use them to open rewards in the Gallery Game.


That’s it for the Ultimate Memories: Flashbacks event! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Instagram!


Would you like to share your feedback on the event? Let us know in our Feedback Topic.