FIFA Mobile – UEFA Champions League

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Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


Celebrate the stars of the UEFA Champions League!


Play Star Games and battle it out in VS Attack and Head to Head to earn top players for your squad. The road to the final ends here!


  • Daily Claim: 50 UCL Tokens & 65 UCL Points
  • Energy: Base Stamina & UCL Energy refreshing 1 per hour with a max of 16
  • Event Duration: June 18th-July 1st (13 Days)

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Basic Event Flow:

  • Play Star Games to earn UCL Points and UCL Tickets
  • Use your UCL Points towards the Reward Path
  • Play Bonus Matches to earn UCL Score for the UCL Pass
  • Play VSA or H2H for UCL Tokens
  • Use your UCL Tokens in the Player Box and to progress down the Milestone Path

Star Games

Play Star Games for UCL Points! This section uses Base Stamina, so no need to worry about managing your energy here.






Daily First Win Reward

Repeat Win Reward

Loss Reward

Any Star Game

5 Base Stamina

40 UCL Points

100 Coins



Earn bonus UCL Points by hitting specific Star Milestones.


Start in Easy and work your way up to Hard. Unlock the next level of difficulty based on the amount of Stars you earn in the previous one. For example, if you’re in Easy, you must claim all the Daily Star Milestone Rewards during the day in order to unlock Medium mode for the next day.




Easy Star Game Path



5 Stars

175 UCL Points

10 Stars

200 UCL Points

15 Stars

250 UCL Points


Claim 15 Stars in Easy to progress to Medium.


Medium Star Game Path



5 Stars

250 UCL Points

10 Stars

275 UCL Points

15 Stars

300 UCL Points


Claim 15 Stars in Medium to progress to Hard.


Hard Star Game Path



5 Stars

275 UCL Points

10 Stars

300 UCL Points

15 Stars

350 UCL Points



UCL Ticket Milestone

After completing any 5 Star Games, redeem 1 UCL Ticket to unlock your choice of a Bonus Match. Winning the Easy or Hard Match gives you UCL Score, which earns you progress down the UCL Pass (more info on that later).




Daily Milestone


Complete 5 Star Games

1 UCL Ticket




Match Type


Win Reward

Loss Reward

Easy Bonus Match

1 UCL Ticket

100 UCL Score

1 UCL Ticket

Hard Bonus Match

1 UCL Ticket

200 UCL Score

1 UCL Ticket


Reward Path

Use your UCL Points along the path for UCL Players and a variety of rewards.





Face off in a limited number of VSA or H2H matches to earn extra UCL Tokens. Play a maximum of 15 matches per week. Receive UCL Tokens and possibly Coins based on the number of matches you win.


  • Ads: 1 ad daily giving 8 UCL Energy
  • Coin Packs: 1 Daily Coin Pack giving 8 UCL Energy for 37,500 coins
  • Energy: UCL Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 16



Match Type


Win Reward

Draw Reward

Loss Reward


8 UCL Energy

See Win Table

8 UCL Energy

8 UCL Energy


8 UCL Energy

See Win Table

8 UCL Energy

8 UCL Energy

You can claim your weekly reward anytime after your first match, but we’d recommend playing all 15 before doing so. If you forget to claim your reward after Week 1, it will still be available into Week 2. After that, you can start accumulating wins for Week 2. Make sure to claim your rewards before July 1st, as they won’t be available once the event ends.


Weekly Win Table

Total Wins



100 UCL Tokens*


200 UCL Tokens


300 UCL Tokens


400 UCL Tokens


500 UCL Tokens


600 UCL Tokens


700 UCL Tokens


800 UCL Tokens


900 UCL Tokens


900 UCL Tokens & 150,000 Coins


900 UCL Tokens & 300,000 Coins


900 UCL Tokens & 500,000 Coins


900 UCL Tokens & 700,000 Coins


900 UCL Tokens & 800,000 Coins


900 UCL Tokens & 900,000 Coins


900 UCL Tokens & 1,000,000 Coins


*The 0 Win Reward is only available after playing 1 Match.






Win 10 Bonus Matches

Choice of 1 EOE Player (2nd EOE can be claimed for 5000 Gems)

Use 15,000 UCL Points

Event Icon 99 OVR CM Steven Gerrard

Use 25,000 UCL Points

Prime Icon 105 OVR CAM Zinedine Zidane


UCL Player Box

Use your UCL Tokens here to earn extra UCL Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts. After 7 pulls, get a guaranteed UCL Player.




Spending your UCL Tokens gives you progress down the Milestone Path. Earn Skill Boosts, Coins, Training XP, a UCL Player as well as Common, Rare, and Epic Shards.




UCL Pass

Use the UCL Score you earned from the Bonus Matches to unlock rewards down the UCL Pass. You can also earn quicker progress with Ads, Gems, or FIFA Points.


  • Ads: 4 ads daily giving 25 UCL Score per ad
  • Gems/FIFA Point: 100 UCL Score for 375 Gems or 150 FIFA Points
  • Progress: 100 UCL Score per Reward Node




currency_Point_CL.pngUCL Points

    • Earn them from playing Star Games.
    • Use them towards UCL Players on the Reward Path.



currency_Ticket_UCL.pngUCL Tickets

    • Earn them from playing 5 Star Games daily.
    • Use them to play the Bonus Matches.



currency_Score_CL.pngUCL Score

    • Earn them from winning the Bonus Matches
    • Use them to progress down the UCL Pass.


currency_Token_CL.pngUCL Tokens

    • Earn them from the VSA/H2H chapter.
    • Use them towards rewards in the UCL Player Box.



There are 2 SBCs available. Exchange UCL and other Players for Past 90+ UCL Players or Rare and Epic Rank Shards.



Min Team OVR

Req 1

Req 2

Req 3


Reward 2

1 Per Week

90 OVR

2 UCL Players

3 other Players


30 Rare Shards

15 Epic Shards

2 per Week

89 OVR

Min any 2 UCL Players

3 other Players

5 different Leagues

90+ Past UCL Player


Hope you enjoy the UEFA Champions League event! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE.