FIFA Mobile – Ultimate TOTS

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Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


It’s time for Ultimate Team of the Season! This is the final week of TOTS, where we finally get to redeem Ultimate TOTS players!


The guide below outlines the changes you’ll see in Ultimate week. For the full TOTS guide, click here.

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play daily Skill Games for TOTS Tickets.
  • Complete daily Quests to progress down the Ultimate Pass.
  • Play daily Matches in the Ultimate Pass.
  • Play VS Attack or Head to Head in the Ultimate Special for extra rewards and Leaderboard position.
  • Use Ultimate Points towards Ultimate Starters, Reserves, and Extra Reserves.


The usual Skill Games from TOTS will continue. The only difference is that you’ll only receive TOTS Tickets upon completion. Stacked TOTS Energy will carry over into Ultimate week.




Daily First Win Reward

Base Win Reward

Loss Rewards

Skill Game 

4 TOTS Energy

25 TOTS Tickets

10 TOTS Tickets

4 TOTS Energy



There are no Ultimate TOTS Players in the Reserves chapter, but a special milestone for extra TOTS Tickets exists during Ultimate week.





Spend 500 TOTS Tokens on any League

500 TOTS Tickets

1 Week

Spend 1000 TOTS Tokens on any League

500 TOTS Tickets

1 Week (Only available during Ultimate week)


All the top players from the entire TOTS event are in Ultimate! Use the Ultimate Points you received when claiming a TOTS Starter from any of the previous League chapters.



Ultimate will feature 11 UTOTS Starters and 11 UTOTS Reserves:

  • Ultimate Starters are 102 OVR+ starting at 400 Ultimate Points.
  • Ultimate Reserves are 98 OVR+ starting at 150 Ultimate Points.





Ultimate TOTS Players

Ultimate Point Cost

106 OVR Starter


105 OVR Starter


104 OVR Starter


103 OVR Starter


102 OVR Starter


100 OVR Reserve


99 OVR Reserve


98 OVR Reserve





UTOTS Reserves.png

There are also TOTS Extras available in this section, including the players that the community voted for!


Extra TOTS Players

Ultimate Point Cost

TOTS Extras 88+ OVR


TOTS Global League Starter 


TOTS Global League Reserve





Spend 500 Ultimate Points

TOTS Extra Reserve Player

Spend 1200 Ultimate Points

20 Legendary Rank Shards

Spend 2800 Ultimate Points

Prime Icon 107 OVR ST Ronaldo




Ultimate Special

The Special is returning for Ultimate, but it will be slightly different:


  • No TOTS Players or Icon Bonuses. Just play with your top squad.
  • Earn Ultimate Score to progress on the leaderboards and the milestone path.
  • Only VSA or H2H. No AI match this time.
  • 1 Global Leaderboard for the entire week.
  • String together a Win Streak for bonus Ultimate Score.







How the Win Streaks work:

Earn Ultimate Score for every match you win, and build up a Win Streak for more Ultimate Score. However, lose a match and you’ll receive a Strike. 3 Strikes and your Win Streak goes down to 0. There will also be a Gem/FP offer to continue your Win Streak in case you want to save it.


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 Ultimate Energy per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 20 Coin Packs that give 12 Ultimate Energy for 37,500 coins.
  • Energy: Ultimate Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 24.
  • Gem/FP Packs: 16 Ultimate Energy for 1250 Gems or 500 FIFA Points (no purchase limit).



Win Reward

Draw Reward

Loss Reward


4 Ultimate Energy

10 Ultimate Score

2 Ultimate Energy

1 Strike


8 Ultimate Energy

20 Ultimate Score

4 Ultimate Energy

1 Strike


Win Streak

VSA Win Reward

H2H Win Reward

0 Win

10 Ultimate Score

20 Ultimate Score

1 Win

15 Ultimate Score

30 Ultimate Score

2 Win

20 Ultimate Score

40 Ultimate Score

3 Win

25 Ultimate Score

50 Ultimate Score

4 Win

30 Ultimate Score

60 Ultimate Score

5 Win

35 Ultimate Score

70 Ultimate Score

6 Win

40 Ultimate Score

80 Ultimate Score

7 Win

45 Ultimate Score

90 Ultimate Score

8 Win

50 Ultimate Score

100 Ultimate Score

9 Win

55 Ultimate Score

110 Ultimate Score

10 Win

60 Ultimate Score

120 Ultimate Score


Reach 1000 Ultimate Score to earn the 50 Ultimate Points from the Special.


There are no TOTS Players or Icon requirements in the Ultimate Special.


Use a Special Score Boost (possible reward from the Daily TOTS Pack) for an extra 24 hour bonus. Your existing Special Score Boosts will carry over from previous TOTS weeks. Existing Ligue 1 Special Energy does not transfer to the Ultimate Special.




Boost Duration


Special Score Boost

From Daily TOTS Pack or 500 FIFA Points

24 hours


Extra Score Boost

500 FIFA Points or 1250 Gems

24 hours


Ultimate Pass

Ultimate Pass works just like the previous League Passes. Use TOTS Energy or Special Energy to progress through the Ultimate Pass. Play a daily Match along the Pass to earn bonus rewards. Purchase the pass to unlock all the Matches on day 1.


image (72).png


Find an extra 50 Ultimate Points in one of the daily Matches!




UTOTS Animated User Logos

    • Place on the UTOTS Leaderboard.
    • Special logos for Top 1, 2, 3, 10, 100, 250, and 500



UTOTS User Logo

    • Purchase the Ultimate Pass.



Ultimate Points

    • Earn them from claiming TOTS Starters.
    • Use them towards UTOTS Starters, Reserves, or Extra Reserves.



Ultimate Score

    • Earn them from playing VSA or H2H in the Ultimate Special.
    • Use them to progress along the Ultimate Special reward path and Leaderboard.




Req 1

Req 2

Reward 1

Reward 2

2 Per Week

90 OVR

1 TOTS Featured League Starter

3 other TOTS Players

2500 Skill Boosts

1 Per Week


5 TOTS Players

30 Rare Rank Shards

10 Epic Rank Shards

1 during Ultimate Week

100 OVR (min Player)

2 TOTS Players

50 Ultimate Points


Stay posted for more information both in game and on our new Instagram!