FIFA Mobile – 4 Seasons: Spring Break


Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


4 Seasons: Spring Break is here! Hop into this new event and earn top players!


Flowers are blooming and the birds are singing, there’s no better time for a Spring Break! Harvest exciting rewards in Garden Gifts, be on the lookout for your favourite Player in the Egg Hunt, or just take a stroll down the idyllic Neighbourhood.



  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 7 Spring Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 7 Weekly Coin Packs that give 7 Spring Energy for 28,500 coins
  • Daily Claim: 5 Watering Cans
  • Energy: Spring Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 21
  • Event Duration: April 8th – April 29th (21 Days)

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play daily Skill Games and Matches for Neighbourhood Points.
  • Use Watering Cans to grow different kinds of fruity Points that you use towards Gifts, each with a variety of changing rewards.
  • Use Egg Hunt Tokens for Spring Break Players.
  • Use Neighbourhood Points along the path for rewards and Spring Break Players.


Rain or Shine

Play through 5 Skill Games and 2 Matches to earn Neighbourhood Points. Complete the daily path to earn a Completion Bonus of Watering Cans. The path is only playable once per day.





Win Reward

Loss Rewards

Skill Game 1

7 Spring Energy

70 Neighbourhood Points

7 Spring Energy

Skill Game 2

7 Spring Energy

70 Neighbourhood Points

7 Spring Energy

Skill Game 3

7 Spring Energy

70 Neighbourhood Points

7 Spring Energy

Skill Game 4

7 Spring Energy

70 Neighbourhood Points

7 Spring Energy

Skill Game 5

7 Spring Energy

75 Neighbourhood Points

7 Spring Energy

Match 1

7 Spring Energy

75 Neighbourhood Points

7 Spring Energy

Match 2

7 Spring Energy

75 Neighbourhood Points

7 Spring Energy

Completion Bonus

15 Watering Cans



Daily Milestone


Win 2 VSA or H2H Matches

5 Watering Cans

Garden Gifts

Bring your Watering Cans here to grow Melon, Strawberry, and Grape Points!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Use your Watering Cans on different gardens.
  2. Wait for your Melon/Strawberry/Grape Points to grow.
  3. Collect your Melon/Strawberry/Grape Points.
  4. Use them in the Spring Gifts section.


Garden Type


Harvest Time*


Unlocks at

Matchup Melons

5 Watering Cans

8 Hours

15 Melon Points

Available immediately

Slidetackle Strawberries

10 Watering Cans

12 Hours

10 Strawberry Points

Collect 50 Sunshine Points

Goal Post Grapes

25 Watering Cans

24 Hours

5 Grape Points

Collect 100 Sunshine Points


*Amount of time required to claim your Points. For example, if you use Watering Cans towards Matchup Melons at 12:00pm, you need to wait until 8:00pm before claiming your Melon Points.


Once you’ve harvested your hard-earned fruity points, head over to the Spring Gifts section to use them on a variety of rewards.


NOTE: Gifts change every 24 hours, so plan your harvest times appropriately.



There are 4 different types of Gifts:

  • Melon Points open Melon Gifts.
  • Strawberry Points open Strawberry Gifts.
  • Grape Points open Grape Gifts.
  • Bonus Points open Cream of the Crop Gifts.

Receive Bonus Points whenever you open any Melon/Strawberry/Grape Gift. Bonus Points are used towards Cream of the Crop Gifts.


Possible rewards from Gifts include:

  • Resources (Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP)
  • Common and Rare Shards
  • Base Players
  • Spring Break Players
  • Egg Hunt Tokens
  • Neighbourhood Points
  • Icon Points
  • TOTW Premium Points/Tokens

There is a different cost and purchase limit for every gift. Gifts change every 24 hours at 19:00 UTC.


Egg Hunt

Use your Egg Hunt Tokens here to earn extra Spring Break Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts. After 8 pulls, receive a guaranteed Player.




Egg Hunt Milestone


Spend 100 Egg Hunt Tokens

20 Watering Cans

Spend 300 Egg Hunt Tokens

3 Grape Points

Spend 400 Egg Hunt Tokens

200 Neighbourhood Points


Use Neighbourhood Points here on the path towards a variety of rewards. Certain Neighbourhood Nodes will give a random 85+ OVR player, while others are guaranteed players.




There are 2 End of Era Players available: 96 OVR RB Lars Bender and 96 OVR CB Sven Bender!




Spend 15,000 Neighbourhood Points

Event Icon 97 OVR CAM Juan Riquelme

Claim all Neighbourhood Nodes

Prime Icon 103 OVR LW Rivaldo





    • Earn them from completing the daily Skill Games and Matches, and from the Daily Claim.
    • Use them to grow Melon/Strawberry/Grape Points in Garden Gifts.

S5_SPRING_NEIGHBOURHOOD.pngNeighbourhood Points

    • Earn them from daily Skill Games and Matches.
    • Use them towards rewards and Players on the Neighbourhood Path.



Melon/Strawberry/Grape Points

    • Earn them from spending Watering Cans in the Garden Gifts chapter.
    • Use them towards their corresponding Garden Gifts.



    • Earn them from opening Garden Gifts.
    • Use them towards Cream of the Crop Gifts.



    • Earn them from the Neighbourhood Path and the Garden Gifts.
    • Use them towards rewards in the Egg Hunt Box.


S5_SPRING_SUNSHINE.pngSunshine Points

    • Earn them from the Neighbourhood Path.
    • Collect them to unlock the Slidetackle Strawberries and Goal Post Grapes in Garden Gifts.



There are 2 SBCs available over the course of the event. Exchange Spring Break and other Players for Common, Rare, and Epic Rank Shards.



Min Team OVR

Req 1

Req 2


Reward 2

1 Per Week

82 OVR

2 Spring Break Players

3 other Players

30 Common Shards

10 Rare Shards

1 Per Week

85 OVR

2 Spring Break Players

3 other Players

10 Epic Shards


All the best with 4 Seasons: Spring Break! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE.