End of Season Rewards – Answer HQ

The new season of FIFA Mobile is just around the corner!  Here’s some additional information on the rewards that are offered during preseason.  In this article, we will discuss:


  • Season Ending OVR
  • Now and Later Points

Season Ending OVR:


Your Season Ending OVR will be reflected based on your Active Lineup.  When the current season ends and rolls over to the new season, the following will happen:


  • Your Active Lineup will transition to your Legacy Team in the new season.  You will keep the OVR, boosts etc for your Legacy Team. You can read more about Legacy Team in our Legacy Team Blog.
  • You will also receive rewards in the New Season based on your Season Ending OVR.  Again, this is calculated from your Active Lineup’s OVR.  So make sure you have your desired lineup set to “Active” as the season is ending.

For your Legacy Team, the new season will bring various activities you can participate in that will give you rewards that can be applied to your Ultimate Team.  The higher the OVR of your Legacy Team, the better these rewards will be.


As for rewards for your Active Lineup’s OVR, we will look at your Season Ending OVR and give you rewards based on that OVR.  The buckets for Season Ending OVR are as follows:


  • 40-59 OVR
  • 60-69 OVR
  • 70-79 OVR
  • 80-89 OVR
  • 90-94 OVR
  • 95+ OVR, each subsequent OVR is a separate set of rewards.  So 95, 96, 97, 98 all the way up to a maximum of 142 OVR.

Now and Later Points:


The Now and Later points you acquire will be redeemable in the Now and Later reward chapter that has various reward nodes.  You are able to choose which rewards you claim. You can claim as many rewards as you want, as long as you have the Now and Later Points to do so.  There is no cooldown when claiming these rewards. 


This should give you a general overview of how our End of Season Rewards will work, and help you transition into the new season!  You can discuss these rewards here on our forums, and make sure to follow us on Twitter!