FIFA Mobile New Season: Legacy Team

FIFA Mobile is rolling into a new Season soon, and with it comes Legacy Team, a feature that FIFA Mobile fans have been asking for – the ability to keep their lineup for use in the next Season in certain events.


Have you perfected your lineup and don’t want to give it up to start a new Season? By having your Starting 11 set as Active, Legacy Team allows you to take your current Starting 11 and carry it over while maintaining its OVR.


Plus, your Legacy Team can:


  • Grant exclusive access to an all-new Legacy campaign that includes VS Attack and Head to Head matches
  • Earn rewards based on your team’s OVR – the higher the OVR, the better the rewards

Legacy Campaign


Players migrating their Starting 11 will be able to use their Legacy Team in matches and skill games, as well as going Legacy Team vs Legacy Team in matches against other players in VS Attack or Head to Head modes.


All Campaign gameplay in My Legacy will utilize your Legacy Lineup using the current Season kits, or a generic kit if the kit doesn’t exist.


Legacy Profiles


Want to find your Legacy Team? It’s easy. In the Profile view for the new Season, you’ll be able to see your Legacy Team by tapping the “View Lineup” button. This will bring up your Legacy Team that was carried over through migration (including Premium Players and more). You’ll be able to find this data about your team:


  • The Starting 11
  • Player Details:
    • Skill Boosts
    • Player Bio
    • Summary Values
    • Attributes
    • Traits
    • Strong Foot
    • Weak Foot Rating
    • Skill Moves
  • Chemistry:
    • Chemistry Links
    • Total Team Chemistry
  • Player Ranks:
    • Player Rank values on each Player Item
    • Accumulated OVR from Player Ranks
  • Skill Boost bonus values on Player Item
  • Team OVR
  • Formation of the Active Lineup
  • Player Item Card Art:
    • Player Item Animations
    • Player Images/Action Shots
    • OVR
    • Player Name
    • Event/Club
    • Country
    • Position

You won’t be able to modify your Legacy Team once the new Season starts, and your Legacy Team will permanently have the stats that carry over at launch. Legacy Team is only available for players participating this season with a Starting 11. So be sure you have your Active Lineup set before the new Season begins.

And stay tuned as there’s so much more to share in the coming weeks. See you on the pitch!



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