FIFA Mobile New Season: Gameplay

New Season Enhancements


At the top of the leaderboards, every factor matters. So, if your Striker doesn’t have your favorite skill move, or your goalkeeper feels too short to make those big saves, you won’t bring them to the pitch.


In the next Season, we’ve made some calculated changes to a few systems to make player choice less binary:


  1. Players now have two skill moves
    1. All players will do Roulette when tapping the sprint button
    2. A secondary skill move can be triggered by swiping up from the button
      1. This move will be more specialized
  2. Skill move stun times are based on more attributes now, not just Dribbling vs. Marking
  3. A Goalkeeper’s Height will no longer be his most influencing attribute

In addition, we’ve made loads of impactful fixes that smooth out the gameplay experience in the next Season.


Second Skill Move


In the next Season, every player will have two Skill Moves they can perform on the pitch: one is triggered by tapping the SKILL button, and the other is triggered by swiping up from the button.


FIFA Mobile New Season: Gameplay


Tap Skill Move


Every player will perform the Roulette when you tap on the Skill Button. Players with higher Agility and Ball Control attributes will perform their Roulette Skill Move faster.


Swipe Skill Move


This skill move will be unique to every player. At the start of the next season, players will have one of five skill moves:


  • Lane Change Roll
  • Flick Up
  • Heel to Heel
  • Flip Flap
  • Rainbow

As new players get released as the season progresses, new skill moves will be given to different players.


FIFA Mobile New Season: Gameplay



Please Note: This article is describing in general terms how these features work in FIFA Mobile. We are constantly looking to improve the gameplay experience for everyone, so this article may become outdated as we make adjustments to keep our game fun for everyone. Where possible, we’ll try to keep you updated about the changes we make – through new articles, or changes to the posted ones.