FIFA Mobile New Season – World Tour

FIFA Mobile lets you hit the pitch and enjoy heart-pounding football! Play through matches and skill games featuring real-world clubs from regions around the world when you use the World Tour Event Hub. As you play World Tour matches, which are broken into chapters around different regions and leagues, you can earn a special custom World Tour player at the end of each chapter. Completing one full World Tour region unlocks the Legends campaign, where you can take to the field in some of the toughest gameplay against some of the world’s top teams.


When you enter the World Tour event hub, you’ll play through the leagues in each region starting in England with EFL League 2. Complete gameplay and earn player rewards to unlock more regions and chapters. There are 13 campaigns in total and over 650 fun playable events. The rewards from each game contain players, Coins, and user account XP. As the difficulty increases so do the rewards.




Regions and Leagues


Compete in campaigns of countries and regions to progress your way up to the Final Chapter. Chapters unlock according to specific conditions. Some chapters have OVR unlock conditions on the gameplay, which means after unlocking the chapter, you must also reach a certain OVR. Are you up for the challenge of the world’s top leagues? It’s time to take your game to a whole new level!


The new Season of FIFA Mobile begins on September 18th. Click here to learn more about what progression carries over.


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