FIFA Mobile – UEFA Champions League Round of 16

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Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


It’s time for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16!


Battle against other users in VS Attack and test your Star Games skills for great rewards.


The Road to the Final begins now!


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 UCL Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 7 Weekly Coin Packs that give 8 UCL Energy for 22,000 coins
  • Daily Claim: 100 UCL Trade-Ins and 25 UCL Tokens
  • Energy: UCL Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18
  • Event Duration: March 11th – March 25th (14 Days)

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play VS Attack or Skill Games for UCL Trade-Ins.
  • Exchange your UCL Trade-Ins for Rewards and UCL Points.
  • Use UCL Points towards UCL Players.
  • Play Star Games and Matches for UCL Tokens.
  • Use UCL Tokens for UCL Players and to progress along a Milestone Path for Rank Shards.

VS Attack Matchups

Play as Round of 16 UCL teams against other users in VS Attack! Alternatively, you can play a Skill Game for fewer UCL Trade-Ins.


UCL R16 VSA.png


UCL R16 MCY.png


UCL R16 RM.png


Match Type


First Win Reward*

Other Win Reward

Draw Rewards

Loss Rewards

VS Attack

4 UCL Energy

50 UCL Trade-Ins + Team Kit

25 UCL Trade-Ins

10 UCL Trade-Ins + 2 UCL Energy

10 UCL Trade-Ins

Skill Game

4 UCL Energy

15 UCL Trade-Ins

4 UCL Energy


*First Win Rewards count when you win with a new team.


Daily Reward

Win 4 Matches each day for bonus UCL Trade-Ins. The amount you receive depends on the number of different teams you’ve won with over the course of the entire event.

UCL R16 Teams.png


IMPORTANT: Once you’ve claimed your Daily Reward, you have to wait until the next reset before you can claim it again. Make sure to play your daily matches with different teams before claiming it, so that you maximize the rewards available.


Total Teams Won With

Reward for 4 Daily Wins

1 Team

5 UCL Trade-Ins

2 Teams

10 UCL Trade-Ins

3 Teams

20 UCL Trade-Ins

4 Teams

30 UCL Trade-Ins

5 Teams

40 UCL Trade-Ins

6 Teams

60 UCL Trade-Ins

7 Teams

75 UCL Trade-Ins

8 Teams

100 UCL Trade-Ins

9 Teams

110 UCL Trade-Ins

10 Teams

120 UCL Trade-Ins

11 Teams

130 UCL Trade-Ins

12 Teams

150 UCL Trade-Ins

13 Teams

175 UCL Trade-Ins

14 Teams

200 UCL Trade-Ins

15 Teams

225 UCL Trade-Ins

16 Teams

250 UCL Trade-Ins



Win with all 16 Teams

UCL 90 OVR RM Callum Hudson-Odoi 


Reward Path

Exchange your UCL Trade-Ins here for Gold/Elite/UCL Players, Training XP, Coins, Skill Boosts, and UCL Tokens. Receive UCL Points based on what rewards you choose.

UCL R16.png


After that, take your UCL Points over to the player section, where you will find a wide variety of UCL Elites and Masters!


UCL R16 Rewards.png


UCL R16 Icons.png




Use 10,000 UCL Points

Event Icon 97 OVR CB Franco Baresi 

Use 50,000 UCL Points

Prime Icon 102 OVR RW George Best


Star Games

Visit this chapter to play Star Games and Matches for UCL Tokens. Receive daily UCL Tickets as your stamina, based on what difficulty you select. Every Star Game and Match costs 1 UCL Ticket to play. Losing does not give back your UCL Ticket.

UCL R16 Star Games.png


Start in Easy and work your way up to Hard. Unlock the next level of difficulty based on the amount of Stars you earn in the previous one.


  • Easy – 20 UCL Tickets
  • Medium – 15 UCL Tickets (Unlock with 15 Stars on Easy)
  • Hard – 10 UCL Tickets (Unlock with 15 Stars on Medium)

All UCL Ticket amounts are from daily claims. You cannot save up extra UCL Tickets. If you do not use up all your UCL Tickets on a given day, the next day’s claim will only give the difference. For example, if you have 7 leftover UCL Tickets and choose the Hard difficulty, you will only receive 3 UCL Tickets that day.

UCL R16 Star Games 2.png


Once you’ve completed the 4 Star Games and the Final Match* of your selected difficulty, you can redeem your Milestone Reward. The tables below show the exact UCL Tokens based on the Stars you earn. The Milestone Reward is limited to one claim daily, so choose when to redeem wisely. At any time, you can go back and replay any Star Game to maximize your Stars.


*Successfully completing the Final Match counts as 3 stars. Failing it counts as 0 stars.


Easy Star Game Path



4 Stars

10 UCL Tokens

7 Stars

20 UCL Tokens

10 Stars

25 UCL Tokens

12 Stars

40 UCL Tokens

15 Stars

50 UCL Tokens


Claim 15 Stars in Easy to progress to Medium.


Medium Star Game Path



4 Stars

20 UCL Tokens

7 Stars

25 UCL Tokens

10 Stars

50 UCL Tokens

12 Stars

60 UCL Tokens

15 Stars

75 UCL Tokens


Claim 15 Stars in Medium to progress to Hard.


Hard Star Game Path



4 Stars

25 UCL Tokens

7 Stars

50 UCL Tokens

10 Stars

75 UCL Tokens

12 Stars

85 UCL Tokens

15 Stars

100 UCL Tokens


*Limit 1 Reward per day. Maximize your Stars before you redeem your Milestone Reward.


UCL Player Box

Use your UCL Tokens here to earn extra UCL Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts. After 8 pulls, get a guaranteed UCL Player.

UCL R16 box.png


Spending your UCL Tokens gives you progress down the Milestone Path. Earn Common, Rare, and Epic Shards, as well as an Event Icon 97 OVR ST Kenny Dalglish!

UCL R16 milestone.png




currency_Score_CL.pngUCL Trade-In

    • Earn them from playing VS Attack Matchups.
    • Use them for rewards and UCL Points.

currency_Point_CL.pngUCL Points

    • Earn them from redeeming your UCL Trade-Ins.
    • Use them towards UCL Players.

currency_Ticket_UCL.pngUCL Tickets

    • Redeem them from the Star Games Chapter.
    • Use them to play Star Games.

currency_Token_CL.pngUCL Tokens

    • Earn them from the Reward Path and Star Games.
    • Use them towards rewards in the UCL Player Box.



Reach 15 Stars across multiple days in the Star Games chapter to earn UCL R16 Badges!



badges_16_1_UCL.pngLevel 1

    • 15 Stars on Hard Difficulty.



Level 2

    • 3 days of 15 Stars on Hard Difficulty.


badges_16_3_UCL.pngLevel 3

    • 5 days of 15 Stars on Hard Difficulty.


badges_16_4_UCL.pngLevel 4

    • 8 days of 15 Stars on Hard Difficulty.


badges_16_5_UCL.pngLevel 5

    • 10 days of 15 Stars on Hard Difficulty.



There are 3 SBCs available over the course of the event. Exchange UCL and other Players for Past 90+ UCL Players or Common, Rare, and Epic Rank Shards.



Min Team OVR

Req 1

Req 2


Reward 2

1 Per Week

82 OVR

2 UCL Players

3 other Players

20 Common Shards

10 Rare Shards

1 Per Week

85 OVR

2 UCL Players

3 other Players

10 Epic Shards

3 Total

88 OVR

2 UCL Players

1 other Player

90+ Past UCL Player


Best of luck with the UEFA Champions League Round of 16! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


Would you like to share your feedback on the event? Let us know in our Events Feedback topic.