FIFA Mobile – Derby Event



Event Type: Matchups

Event Duration: September 19th to September 24th

Event Energy Type: Derby Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)


As the new season opens, we are excited to present to you one of our new events: Derby.  Derby is a new competitive mode that allows you to pick a side, and then compete on multiple Leaderboards to earn great prizes!  Ok so how does this all work? 


The basic event flow is as follows:

  1. Choose a side.  NOTE: Once you choose a side, you cannot switch, so choose carefully!
  2. Build a team for the event.  Using Alliance Players will give you a higher Derby Score when playing matches. 
  3. Play VSA style matches, earning Derby Score.  Your Derby Score will determine your event rankings.  
  4. Compete on Leaderboards. There are 2 Leaderboards you will progress on to compete for prizes – your Alliance Leaderboard (Orange or Blue), and a Global Leaderboard.  
  5. You will receive prizes based on where you rank in both your cohort leaderboard, and the global leaderboard.
  6. Complete quests for even more rewards. Meet certain objectives within the event and claim additional rewards.

Choose a side!


In the Main Chapter, you will choose your alliance: Orange Alliance or Blue Alliance.  When you choose sides, this will impact what set of group rewards you are eligible for.  


And remember: Once you choose a side, you cannot switch, so choose carefully!


Additionally, the winning alliance will have their event players upgraded to premium versions!

Build a team:

By using Alliance Players, you will earn more Derby Score per win.  Alliance players are event specific players.  Here’s a detailed list of how Alliance players will affect your Derby Score you get from each match:



And here’s a list of the Derby players for the two Alliances:


Blue Alliance Players:



Orange Alliance Players:



Play matches, earn Derby Score and get ranked rewards!

You will compete on 2 leaderboards for prizes:

  • Alliance Leaderboard is based on which color Alliance you choose. You compete against a group of up to 250 other users. 
  • Global Leaderboard is based on everyone who participates in the event. You compete against everyone, regardless of Alliance.

Here are the Global rewards:



And here are the Alliance Leaderboard rewards:



Again, for Alliance Leaderboards, you will compete against 250 other users who choose the same color as you did.  For example. If you choose Orange, you will compete against 249 other users who picked Orange on your Alliance Leaderboard.  Your ranked prizes for the Alliance Leaderboard will consist of only Orange Players.  


The Global Leaderboard pits you against everyone else playing the event. The rewards from this can consist of either Blue or Orange Players. 


Complete Quests:


Lastly, we have quests that can be completed for additional rewards.  By completing certain goals or milestones in the event, you can earn the following:



We hope that you enjoy our first PVP event, Derbys!  You can continue the discussion on the forums here, and please make sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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