FIFA Mobile – UEFA Champions League Event – Group Stage




Event Type: Matchups

Event Duration: October 3rd to October 7th

Event Energy Type: Group Stage Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)

Match Cost: 2 Group Stage Energy


UEFA Champions League returns to FIFA Mobile!  Build a team, progress on the leaderboard and earn amazing prizes!


The basic event flow is as follows:


  1. Choose a side.  NOTE: Once you choose a side, you cannot switch, so choose carefully!
  2. Build a team for the event.  Using Alliance Players will give you a higher Score Bonus when playing matches. 
  3. Play VSA style matches, earning Group Stage Score, Alliance Score and Champions Pass Score.  
  4. Compete on Leaderboards. There are 2 Leaderboards you will progress on to compete for prizes – your Alliance Leaderboard (A or B), and the Global Leaderboard.  
  5. You will receive prizes based on where you rank in both your Alliance Leaderboard, and the Global Leaderboard.
  6. Your Champions Pass Score will allow you to claim additional prizes redeemable in the Champions Pass Chapter. 

There are two chapters that you will engage in:


  • Group Stage
  • Champions Pass

The Group Stage Chapter is where you will do your matchplay, and the Champions Pass Chapter is a new addition UEFA Champions League, where you can claim great prizes by reaching certain score thresholds!



Group Stage:



First off, you will need to pick a side.  You will choose between Alliance A and Alliance B. The matchups are as follows (The team on the left is Alliance A, and the team on the right is Alliance B):

  • Tottenham vs Bayern Munich
  • Dinamo Zagreb vs Manchester City
  • Barcelona vs Slavia Prague
  • Napoli vs Red Bull Salzburg
  • Lille vs Valencia

After choosing an Alliance, you will then engage in VSA matches as you move compete on both  the Alliance Leaderboard as well as the Global Leaderboard. By engaging in a VSA match, you will earn 3 types of scores (Win, Lose or Draw):


  • Group Stage Score
  • Alliance A or B Score
  • Champions Pass Score

These 3 Scores will track your progress in different areas. 


  • Group Stage Score tracks your Global Leaderboard Progress
  • Alliance Score tracks where you are within your Alliance Leaderboard
  • Champions Pass Score allows you to claim various rewards in the Champions Pass chapter (More about this below). 


By using Champions League Players (event players), you can boost your rewards from VSA matches.  The bonuses are as follows:




Leaderboard Rewards:

Here’s the Global Leaderboard Rewards.  These rewards are relative to every other user playing the event:



And here are the rewards for the Alliance Leaderboards:




Champions Pass:



The Champions Pass Chapter is a new chapter for Champions League. Earn Champions Pass Score, reach various thresholds, and claim a variety of prizes!





Lastly, we have a bunch of new players straight from UEFA Champions League!  Here’s a comprehensive list:




We hope you enjoy our UEFA Champions League Event! As always, there’s more to come for Champions League.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!