FIFA Mobile – Explaining Chemistry, and changes to Chemistry

Greetings everyone,


With the release of the new season, we had a goal to provide a more meaningful experience with chemistry.  We wanted it to be a bit more challenging in order to reward our most dedicated and skilled team building users with a meaningful power advantage.  We have heard your feedback and concerns over chemistry, and as a result we will be making changes to chemistry so that the user experience is more enjoyable and chemistry is more flexible.  We want chemistry to be a fun component of the game, and certainly not a burden. 


First off, let’s talk about the design of Chemistry.  For the current season, our goal was to make team building an engaging experience that expands over time and challenges you to make decisions of what your Ultimate Team is. Last season chemistry became too easy, and made team building less exciting over time. We wanted to counter act that by making Chemistry more meaningful so that building your team remains exciting at all times.


As the season progresses, Program players will have higher chemistry incoming and outgoing over time, giving you opportunities to improve your team, and challenge you to build new and improved squads.


Based off feedback we have read, we have made several changes to chemistry so that it is not as restrictive as before, while still aiming to make chemistry meaningful as you continue playing FIFA Mobile.  Let’s go over the changes:


NOTE: All formatting for chemistry numbers will be outgoing/incoming.  So 12/13 would be 12 outgoing, 13 incoming.



Base Players


  • Base Player Chemistry will increase from 9/12 to 12/13
  • Raise all outgoing chemistry for Base players to at least 3 for Team, League, and Nation

Here is how Base Players will increase (Old values and new values)





Program Players:


All existing Program Player Chemistry will increase from 9/13 to 13/15.  Current Program Players already at 13/15 will remain as is.

Program players that are affected are the following:


  • Legacy (this does not include your legacy team)
  • World Tour
  • Team of the Week
  • Star Pass
  • Summer Showdown
  • Derby
  • Zidane Campaign
  • Oktoberfest
  • Europa League
  • Champions League MOTM
  • Champions League
  • Korean Celebration

Here’s a table of program players and the old and new chemistry values:







Icons will follow different chemistry rules this season.  Icons will be updated as the season progresses. Their incoming/outgoing chemistry will typically be lower than other current event players, however, this is offset by them having very powerful Wildcard Chemistry.  We made this change to icons so that an icon released in December for example, is still as relevant as future icons released. Have a favorite icon? They will still be as useful in your Ultimate Team in the future as they were the first moment you got them.   


So what does this mean?  Icons will always remain relevant, because as we increase chemistry caps for new program players, icon chemistry will also be increased for existing icons to allow you to continue using them. 


For current Icons (base and prime), here are the old and new chemistry values:



As always, we appreciate all of the feedback on Chemistry.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the most up to date news and updates!


You can join in the conversation HERE and let us know what you think.