FIFA Mobile – Day of the Dead Event



Event Type: Free Kick

Event Duration: October 29th to November 5th

Event Energy Type: Field Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)

Event Player Auction Status: Auctionable on release

Field Energy Ad: Watch an Ad 4 times per day for 3 energy each time (12 per day)

Free Kick Ad: Watch an Ad 3 times a day for 1 free kick each (3 per day)


Greetings Footballers around the World!


This week starts with us celebrating Day of the Dead, as we honor top players of Mexican heritage on the pitch! 

The basic flow of the event is as follows:

  1. Play Skill Games and Matches to earn Free Kicks in The Field chapter
  2. Use Free Kicks to earn Goal Points in The Goal chapter
  3. Spend Goal Points in a Reward chapter to earn Program Players, Boosts, and Coins

The last time we ran a Free Kick event, was Oktoberfest.  We have made a few changes from that event:

  1. When losing Normal matches, Field Energy will be returned.  
  2. We have added in some rewards in the Grind Path.  Throughout the path, you will get a total of 100,000 coins, 30 skill boosts and a Gold Mexico Player after completing various nodes. 
  3. We have added a “How to Play” chapter
  4. We have removed the goal streak reward due to feedback

There are 4 Chapters for Day of the Dead:

  1. How to Play
  2. The Field
  3. The Goal
  4. Rewards


The Field:


This is where you will play various Matches and Skill games as you earn Free Kicks that you can use in The Goal chapter.  The generic breakdown of each path is as follows:





The Goal:


In The Goal chapter, you will spend your Free Kick Tokens as you take Free Kicks and earn Goal Points. There are 3 misses buried in the grid.  Missing 3 times will cause the Goal to reset. 







After earning Goal Points, you can head to the Rewards Chapter to exchange your Goal Points for various Player and Resource offers. Here are the rewards for Day of the Dead:


NOTE: Rewards must be claimed in order.






Lastly, here are the players that are featured in the Day of the Dead event:

NOTE: All elites have Premium Versions





As always, we hope you enjoy this event.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the most up to date news and updates!