FIFA Mobile – Clair de Lune



Event Duration: November 12th – November 26th

Event Energy Type: Moon energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)

Moon Energy Ad: Watch an Ad 4 times per day for 3 energy each time (12 per day)



Hello FIFA Mobile Fans!


Tonight, a full moon rises in FIFA Mobile and to celebrate, we honor some of the top players in Ligue 1. Gaze upon the full moon tonight, play Clair de Lune in the background and collect some amazing rewards in our Clair de Lune event. 



The basic event flow is as follows:


  1. Gain Moon Energy from the recharge counter and watching ads.
  2. Gain Crescent Points by spending Moon Energy to play Skill Games and H2H/VSA matches.
  3. Spend Crescent Points to play the Central Path and the Side Paths in Act I – Moonlight. Certain nodes will unlock Side Paths where you can get some great Ligue 1 Players. Challenges in the Moonlight Chapter will also grant Eclipse Tokens.
  4. Spend Eclipse Tokens in Act II – Eclipse to earn one of 12 Eclipse Players. When a player is earned from the offer, the player is swapped to an alternate resource reward. There are 10 Eclipse Players on the Wheel to be earned.


ACT 1 – Moonlight


Earn Crescent points by playing Skill Games, H2H or VSA matches, which 3 Moon Energy each. 


  • Skill Game: 8 Crescent Points for a win, 3 Moon Energy for a loss. 
  • VSA/H2H Match: 10 Crescent Points for a win, 8 Crescent Points for a tie and 6 Crescent Points on a loss. 

Follow the Central Path to earn Skill Boosts, Txp, Coins, Eclipse Tokens and Gold players. During the Central Path you’ll encounter nodes that will unlock a Side Path. The final rewards for these paths are the Ligue 1 players that you can find below. 




Central Path:




Side Paths:









Act II – Eclipse




Earn Eclipse Tokens in the Central Path that you can spend in Act II – Eclipse, where you can spend the Eclipse Tokens for some great rewards. When you claim an Eclipse player, that player is swapped out for an alternate reward.


Eclipse Meter


Every time that you claim the Eclipse Offer, you’ll earn 1 Eclipse Score for the Eclipse Meter. Once you have an Eclipse Score of 8, the meter is full and your next claim will be a guaranteed Eclipse Player (until you’ve claimed all Eclipse Players).


The Eclipse Meter will reset after claiming an Eclipse Player









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