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Happy thanksgiving to all my friends across the pond!


I hope you’re hungry for competition, because we’re serving up a Thanksgiving Gauntlet!


Event Type: PVP Gauntlet

Phase 1 times: 11/28 19:00 UTC – 12/02 19:00 UTC
Phase 2 times: 12/02 19:00 UTC – 12/06 19:00 UTC

Event Player Auction Status: Auctionable on release


Basic event flow


You play VSA matches to earn Turkey Points and use them to claim Thanksgiving Players and Resources! 


There are 2 phases for Thanksgiving. Each phase will feature different players. When the Phase switches over, you’ll get another free run of the Gauntlet. Make sure that you get the Phase 1 players before they switch to Phase 2 players!


After the first run of the gauntlet, you can start a new run for 1250 Gems or 500 FIFA Points. There is a maximum of 4 runs per phase, including the first free run. 




The amount of matches that you can play varies per bucket:

  • Play up to 8 matches with a max 80 OVR team in the Appetizer Bucket
  • Play up to 12 matches with an 81-95 OVR team in the Main Course Bucket 

Wins and Turkey Points.png


Matchmaking is based on the amount of wins that you have. If no players can be found with the same amount of wins, then the search will be expanded to find you another opponent with more or less the same amount of wins. 



Player Rewards


In addition to the normal rewards we’ve included a Bonus Player nodes, which you can claim for free after completing your first run, and 2 End of Era players!


The End of Era players will not reset and can be claimed at any time during the event. The EoE players only unlock after you’ve claimed at least one 90+ OVR Thanksgiving Player.


Check below to see which MLS player are available in the Thanksgiving Gauntlet and how many Turkey Points you need to claim these players.


Phase 1

Thanksgiving Phase 1.png


Phase 2

Thanksgiving Phase 2.png


End of Era Players

End of Era players.png



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