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Hi FIFA Mobile Fans!


Winter is approaching and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for Football Freeze! We all know you’re excited for this new event and we’ve got some cool new features to share.


The Football Freeze event will give you the opportunity to claim some amazing new rewards by playing other events. Curious? Then scroll down and continue reading.


Event Duration: December 12th to January 6th




In the Snowflake Chapter you can use your Snowflake Points to claim rewards, but you’ll have to play other events to get them.


How does that work? Well let me tell you. Snowflake Points can be claimed in the La Liga Rivals, Boxing Day and New Years Celebration Events. You use Snowflake Points to claim Players, Coins, Skill Boosts and Training XP in the Snowflake chapter of the Football Freeze Event.


Complete each branch of the Snowflake to claim a 96 OVR Prime Icon Henrik Larsson!


Those of you that played Football Freeze previously, will know what the Snowflake looks like. There are different nodes linked to each other to form one giant snowflake.


Here’s an image that shows all Snowflake node rewards, please note that you can only choose 1 of 3 Options at the end of each branch ie; if you claim A-6 Option 1, Options 2 & 3 will lock.


Don’t forget that you’ll be able to claim Snowflake Points in La Liga Rivals, Boxing Day and in New Years Celebration. How and how many Snowflake points can be collected will be shared in their respective guides. 


Football Freeze Snowflake.png




But wait, there’s more! We’ve got a brand new feature where you can claim Snowman of the Match players by completing Milestones. These four items will have exclusive artwork, are obtainable only by playing and completing the milestones and have a custom name.


The first two players and milestones are already known and we’ll reveal the other two when the Boxing Day and New Years Celebration events launch.


Snowman of the Match Quests.png



Player Rewards


Football Freeze Players.png