FIFA Mobile – Team of the Year



Hey FIFA Fans!

It’s that time of year! TOTY is here! Kick off 2020 with one of the biggest Football events of the season! 




In the TOTY Chapter, use TOTY Energy to play Skill Games and earn Position Points (Attacker Points, Midfielder Points, Defender Points).  Get more TOTY Energy from Match of the Day Challenge Matches and Special Offers.


Once you win 10 sets of Match of the Day challenge matches, you’ll earn a TOTY Logo!

The Position Chapters (Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders) will unlock one at a time over the first week of TOTY. Spend your Position Points in the matching chapter to earn TOTY Nominee Players, Rewards and Starter Tokens (ATK Starter Tokens, MID Starter Tokens, DEF Starter Tokens)! There are Starter Tokens in the Path and you will also earn Starter Tokens each time you claim a TOTY Nominee.


UTOTY Players are also back! You can earn a UTOTY Player once you’ve claimed all of the Starters in a chapter. This special UTOTY Offer will unlock later in the week! 


Event Duration: January 6th to January 31st. The event will run for 25 days.

TOTY Energy Ad: Watch 3 ads per day to claim 3 TOTY Energy per ad (12 extra TOTY Energy Per day).

TOTY Energy timer: Refreshes 1 TOTY Energy per 1 hour.




Play Skill Games to earn Attacker Points, Midfielder Points and Defender Points. 


TOTY 1.png

Match of the Day


Play Daily Challenge Matches to earn extra TOTY Energy. Login and play at least 10 of the 25 match sets to earn the TOTY Logo.


TOTY 2.png

The TOTY Points earned from Skill Games are used to progress down the paths in the Attackers, Midfielders and Defenders Chapters. In these chapters, directly claim TOTY Nominee Players, Skill Boosts, Training XP, or Coins.




The Attackers, Midfielders and Defenders Chapters have a wide variety of rewards and their values are consistent across each chapter. The big difference is the Nominee and Starter Players that can be earned! Players will be revealed in game at launch! 

TOTY 3a.pngTOTY 3b.pngTOTY 3c.png




Use ATK Starter Tokens, MID Starter Tokens and DEF Starter Tokens to claim TOTY Starters. Each chapter has a number of TOTY Starters available at corresponding positions. TOTY Starter will be revealed in game at launch!


TOTY 4.png



Once you claim all of the TOTY Starters in a Position Chapter you will unlock a UTOTY Starter and can use ATK Starter Tokens, MID Starter Tokens and DEF Starter Tokens to claim any additional UTOTY Starters you haven’t got yet. UTOTY Starters will be revealed in game after launch the node will be locked until after all players are revealed!


TOTY 5.png

Have fun during the Team of the Year event! Be on the lookout for more TOTY Information in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


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