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Hi FIFA Mobile fans!


It’s time to put on your Masks, because tonight we’re going to the Carniball! 


Ads: 2 ads daily giving 2 Carniball Energy per ad

Coin Pack: 2 Coin Packs daily that give 6 Carniball Energy for 75 000 coins

Daily login: 6 Blank Masks 

Energy: Carniball Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Carniball energy

Event Duration: Feb 20th – March 5th (14 days)


Basic event flow:


  • Play Skill Games to earn Blank Masks
  • Use Blank Masks to play Region matches to earn Masks from that Region
  • Exchange Region Masks for Carniball players
  • Play VSA matches to win Masquerade Points
  • Use Masquerade Points to claim Players from previous Events, Kits and Resources
  • Find Party Poppers and open them with Confetti to claim Players, Resources and Blank Masks
  • Complete Daily Quests and claim Skill Boosts



Skill Games:


At the beginning of the Chapter, you’ll find 3 Skill Games. You’ll need 2 Carniball energy to play a single skill game and you’ll be rewarded with Blank Masks. After completing the third Skill Game, you can play these Skill Games again starting from the first Skill Game.


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Regional Parade


There are 6 different Regions with 5 Matches each that can be played by using your Blank Masks. Each Region will be unlocked on a certain date and the first Region will be available when Carniball launches.


Unlock Dates:


Carniball Schedule.png


ROW nations include: England, Netherlands, Columbia, Portugal, Belgium & Argentina


Completing these matches will give you Region specific Masks. This means that you’ll get Italy Masks for completing the Matches in the Italian Region, France Masks from the French Region, etc.


Claim 9 Carniball Master Players from the Regional Parade Chapter to be able to claim a Prime Icon Pirlo!


Use your Region Masks to claim Carniball Players and use Blank Masks to claim Resources.


Carniball Cost.png



Carniball Resources.png


The first match in each Region has no OVR or Nationality requirement. Subsequent matches require you to have a certain amount players in your team with the nationality from that Region and all players in your team need to have a minimum OVR.


Check out the table below for more information:


Carniball Matches.png




In the Masquerade you play against other players in VSA matches. Winning a VSA match will give you a Masquerade Point that can be used to open one of nine offers (similar to Red Envelopes). There are up to 9 matches to be won daily, losing a match means that you’ll be eliminated for the day. 


The matchmaking in the VSA Matches is based on form; you’ll be matched up with players with a similar amount of wins and a similar OVR, but it’s different from the POTM’s form based matchmaking. 


The Masquerade Points and daily nodes do not stack, meaning that you’ll have to use them before the next refresh! 


There are 3 featured rewards that are included in the nine offers: Players from previous events, Carniball Players, Blank Masks, Kits and Resources. The other six offers contain 15 Skill Boosts.




Use Confetti to open Party Poppers. There’s a chance of getting a Party Popper from the third Carniball Skill Game or check the Store for Offers.


Party Popper Rewards:




Daily Quests:


We’ll have Daily Quests available for Carniball that give you the opportunity to earn some additional Skill Boosts.




Parade Players


Carniball Parade Players.png


Masquerade Players


Carniball Masquerade Players.png