FIFA Mobile – Announcing our Partnership with Nexon

Hi Korean Players,

We are excited to announce an all-new partnership with Nexon to deliver an exclusive brand new FIFA Mobile Korea game this summer. This promises to deliver a tailored experience to our most passionate FIFA Mobile players. 

Thank you very much for playing FIFA Football, and thank you for your interest in the new FIFA Mobile. Still have questions? Please see the below FAQ.

We can’t wait to see you on the pitch in the new FIFA Mobile!

 -FIFA Mobile Dev Team


Q. What are the biggest differences in the new FIFA Mobile?

A. The new FIFA Mobile has been designed with the Korean player in mind. Our partnership with Nexon will deliver new features and events that Korean players are asking for. We have built a persistent experience for the new FIFA mobile that will continue season over season.  In addition, we’re building  new game modes such as the simulation mode where you become a manager of the football club requiring strategy planning and tactics, and autoplay mode to play the game without manipulation. Finally, the interface of the new game provides a fresher and more convenient gameplay experience. More details will be disclosed in the near future.


Q. If I am a player of FIFA Mobile today, what will happen to my game?

A. The current game will still be available for a period of time without the ability to make any new in-app purchases. Your current purchases will still be available for you to use while the game remains available for play. We hope that players will join us in our new game when it launches later this year. 

Q. Will I get a reward for playing the current game?

A.          Over the coming months – we will have current players apply for a reward to bring into our new game. Please stay tuned for more information in game.

Q. Where can I get information on new FIFA Mobile?

A. You can find details on Nexon FMK homepage: