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Hello FIFA Mobile Fans,


It’s time for Team of the Season So Far! 


TOTSSF is one of the most anticipated events of the year, where you can earn top players and take your team to the next level!


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 3 Team Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Weekly Coin Packs that give 9 Team Energy for 125,000 coins
  • Energy: Team Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 15 Team Energy
  • Event Duration: May 7th – June 18th (42 Days)

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play Skills Games, VS Attack, and H2H Matches to earn TOTSSF Points.
  • Use TOTSSF Points to earn TOTSSF Players, Coins, Skills Boosts, Training XP and much more.
  • Earn Reserve Tokens from the League Chapters and spend them to earn TOTSSF Reserve Players.
  • UTOTSSF Points are earned from Starters along the League Paths. You can also earn Bonus UTOTSSF Points by completing all of the Matches in the Special League Chapters.

Main Section

Use Team Energy to play Skill Games, VSA Matches and H2H Matches for TOTSSF Points.


Match Type


Win Rewards

Draw Rewards

Loss Rewards

Skill Game

3 Team Energy

16 TOTSSF Points


3 Team Energy

VS Attack

3 Team Energy 

22 TOTSSF Points

16 TOTSSF Points

12 TOTSSF Points

Head 2 Head

3 Team Energy

22 TOTSSF Points

16 TOTSSF Points

12 TOTSSF Points


You can also acquire additional TOTSSF Points by acquiring a set threshold every week!


Objective Requirement

Objective Reward

Refresh Time

Acquire 500 TOTSSF Points

100 TOTSSF Points

Refreshes Every Thursday at 19:00 UTC

Acquire 1500 TOTSSF Points

500 TOTSSF Points

Refreshes Every Thursday at 19:00 UTC


As an optional bonus, play 2 daily matches to earn some extra players and skill boosts – with the possibility of Global TOTSSF Players. Global TOTSSF Players are some of the best players in their respective leagues from all over the world!


Bonus Match Difficulty

Guaranteed Rewards

Possible Rewards

Normal Match

70+ Base Player

70+ TOTW Player or 80+ Global League TOTSSF Player

Hard Match

75 Skill Boosts

75+ Base Player 

75+ TOTW Player or 80+ Global League TOTSSF Player


There is a new SBC available every week during TOTSSF! Exchange TOTSSF and other Players for 50 Common and 30 Rare Rank Shards.




Req 1

Req 2


Reward Count

Reward 2

Reward Count

Rank SBC

1 Per Week

2 86+ TOTSSF Players

3 other 86+ Players

Common Rank Shards


Rare Rank Shards



TOTSSF League Releases

Every Thursday will include new TOTSSF Leagues released with one or more Global Leagues. Ultimate TOTSSF will include some of the highest rated players seen in FIFA Mobile, starting June 11th. Exciting rewards await!


League Specials

With each weekly release every Thursday during TOTSSF, there will also be the addition of League Specials! Play matches against teams from the TOTSSF League of the week to earn Global League TOTSSF Players, League Logos, Hazard Keys and other rewards. Each League Special only lasts 1 week – make sure to finish them in time! Complete every Special Chapter to earn Bonus UTOTSSF Points.


TOTSSF Starters

Redeem your hard-earned TOTSSF Points along the Weekly TOTSSF Path for Coins, Skills Boosts, Training XP, Rank Shards, and TOTSSF Players. Additional milestones, like claiming multiple TOTSSF Starters, can reward you with UTOTSSF Players or even a 103 OVR Prime Icon!


Objective Requirement

Objective Reward

Claim 1 TOTSSF Starter within a single League Chapter

80+ Global TOTSSF Player

Claim 8 TOTSSF Starters within a single League Chapter

UTOTSSF Reserve Player

Claim the highest 2 TOTSSF Starters within a single League Chapter

103 OVR Prime Icon

TOTSSF Reserves

Use your Reserve Tokens on Reserve Offers for each League to acquire TOTSSF Reserve Players from that League. Each Reserve TOTSSF Players can be acquired once and then replaced with Coins or Skill Boosts. After getting 8 rewards from Reserve Offers within a single League, you will get a guaranteed new TOTSSF Reserve Player! New Reserve rewards will be added weekly along with the TOTSSF League releases every Thursday.


Ultimate TOTSSF

Spend UTOTSSF Points on Starters and Reserves in Ultimate TOTSSF. Starters will cost 100+ UTOTSSF Points. Reserves will cost 60+ UTOTSSF Points. UTOTSSF Players and their OVRs will be revealed when UTOTSSF launches on June 11th, 19:00 UTC. Also, play through all the Special Chapters to earn more UTOTSSF Points. And finally, claim 5 UTOTSSF Starters to unlock the UTOTSSF Prime Icon! 


Have fun during this year’s TOTSSF event! Be on the lookout for more TOTSSF information in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


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