FIFA Mobile – Lunar New Year


Hello FIFA Mobile fans,


Welcome to Lunar New Year!


In this year’s edition, you’ll defend a gauntlet of villages from the Nian Monster, open Red Envelopes for fun prizes, and unlock various Zodiac rewards!


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 Lunar Energy per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 8 Weekly Coin Packs that give 10 Lunar Energy for 15,000 coins.
  • Daily Claim: 3 Red Envelopes
  • Energy: Lunar Energy refreshes 1 every hour with a max of 18.
  • Event Duration: February 11th – February 25th (14 Days)

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play VS Attack, Matches, and Skill Games to progress along a Normal/Hard Path.
  • Open Red Envelopes for a variety of rewards.
  • Use Zodiac Tokens on the Zodiac Box for Players and other rewards.
  • Use Lunar Points on daily Ox Offers and Players in the Lucky Shop.


Win VS Attack, Matches, and Skill Games to light up red lanterns and help different villages scare away the Nian Monster!



You have a daily choice between two paths: Normal or Hard. Each path provides different rewards and challenges. You can only play one type of path per day, so choose carefully.


Normal Path: 

  • Lower rewards
  • Easier difficulty
  • Progress is saved even if you lose.

Hard Path:

  • Better rewards*
  • Harder difficulty
  • Progress is reset to Node 1 if you lose.

*Daily first win reward only, replaying the same node after losing gives base currency.



Cost per Node

Loss Rewards


2 Lunar Energy

2 Lunar Energy


2 Lunar Energy

2 Lunar Energy + Lose path progress




Clear the Normal or Hard Path 10 times*

EOE 94 OVR ST Wayne Rooney


*Can be a combination of Normal or Hard Paths over the entire event. For example, you can clear the Normal Path 6 times and the Hard Path 4 times to complete the milestone.


Red Envelopes

Use your Red Envelopes here to open envelopes containing different rewards, including Lunar Players, Zodiac Tokens, and Lunar Points. Rewards change daily, so check back in regularly!




Use Zodiac Tokens here to earn various Zodiac Players, Skill Boosts, and Coins. Get a guaranteed Zodiac Player after 8 claims. Each claim costs 100 Zodiac Tokens.



Lucky Shop

Use your Lunar Points on Lunar Players, Ox Offers, or Golden Ox Offers.



Claim all of the day’s Ox Offers to unlock the Golden Ox offer. Ox and Golden Ox Offers refresh every 12 hours.





Claim the Golden Ox Offer 14 times

Event Icon 96 OVR LB Roberto Carlos

Claim 7 Lunar Players from the Lucky Shop + 20,000 Lunar Point Cost

Prime Icon 101 OVR LM Marc Overmars





Lunar Points

    • Earn them from the Normal/Hard Paths and Red Envelopes.
    • Use them towards Lunar Players, Ox Offers, and Golden Ox Offers.



Zodiac Tokens

    • Earn them from the Normal/Hard Paths, Red Envelopes, and the Lucky Shop.
    • Use them to get rewards from the Zodiac Box.



Red Envelopes

    • Earn them from logging in daily and from the Normal/Hard Paths. 
    • Use them to open rewards in the Red Envelope Chapter.



Monster Scales

    • Earn them from completing the Normal/Hard Paths.
    • Use them towards the Nian Monster Pack for various rewards.





Lunar User Logos

    • Unlocked with 3 Zodiac Box claims.


Have a Happy Lunar New Year! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


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