Account Suspensions due to TOTSSF Energy Issue

On Friday June 12th at 7:00pm UTC, there was an issue with the TOTSSF Team Energy Coin Offer. If you restarted the FIFA Mobile app, your weekly limit of 8 packs was reset. This meant that users could claim unlimited TOTSSF Team Energy, which risked unbalancing the FIFA Mobile economy. 


The TOTSSF Team Energy Coin Offer has not changed over the course of the 6 week event, nor was there any indication it would. We understood if you accidentally bought the full limit of coin packs an additional time, totaling 16. However, we temporarily suspended users who claimed the coin packs over 20 times, as this meant restarting the app more than two times and hitting the purchase limit of 8 twice, and continuing multiple times into a 3rd cycle.


We acted quickly with these suspensions so that users could not take advantage of the exploit and unbalance the market. They were intentionally exploiting the game, which is something outlined in our Terms of Service, so we viewed the temporary suspension as warranted. We understand that some of you were unhappy with the 100 hour suspensions handed out. However, this was done to keep the integrity of the game intact.


The following actions will be taking place:

  • We will be granting back the coins used to purchase the additional packs.
  • We will be removing the TOTSSF Team Energy from users who utilized the exploit over 20 times.
  • If you spent some/all of the TOTSSF Team Energy before you were suspended, we will be removing all the TOTSSF Team Energy you currently have, plus the TOTSSF Points equalling the discrepancy. 
  • If you do not have enough TOTSSF Team Energy or TOTSSF Points to be deducted from your account, suspensions will be extended based on the debt owed.

There are players that not only took advantage of the exploit quickly, but tried to quickly reap their rewards before we were able to take action against them. These users now have a debt of TOTSSF Points that we are unable to retrieve back from them. We are taking further account suspensions against them based on the severity of their TOTSSF Points debt.


Users with TOTSSF Points debt will be suspended based on the following durations:

  • Light TOTSSF Energy/Points debt users will be suspended until Thursday, June 18th after reset.
  • Low TOTSSF Energy/Points debt users will be suspended until Saturday, June 20th after reset.
  • Medium TOTSSF Energy/Points debt users will be suspended until Monday, June 22nd after reset.
  • High TOTSSF Energy/Points debt users will be suspended until Wednesday June 24th after reset.
  • Extreme TOTSSF Energy/Points debt users will be suspended for 2 weeks or 1 month, depending on severity.

The suspension extension for users with a TOTSSF Points debt is appropriate to the values owed, as well as appropriate punishment for exploiting the game. The FIFA Mobile team has adapted to utilizing temporary suspensions instead of permanent bans, basing this decision on both feedback and fitting the punishment to be more appropriate with the situation.


In the case that a future issue arises where an exploit is available, we implore you to not act upon it.


Thank you for your understanding.


-The FIFA Mobile Team

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