FIFA Mobile – Weekend Tournament


Greetings FIFA Mobile Fans,


Sharpen up your squad-building skills, because it’s time for Weekend Tournament! 


For the next few months, participate in weekly H2H and VSA tournaments where you build specific themed squads and use them to earn exciting rewards! 


Put your managerial abilities to the test as you try to win with players from across the globe!


  • Ads: 2 Daily Ads giving 1 WT Ticket per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 1 Daily Coin Packs that gives 2 WT Tickets for 100,000 coins.
  • Tickets: 10 WT Tickets, given weekly upon entry, with more Tickets rewarded elsewhere. H2H costs 2 WT Tickets, VSA costs 1 WT Ticket.
  • Event Duration: Runs Thursday to Sunday, refreshing weekly.

Basic Format:

  • Play H2H or VSA to earn WT Points.
  • Spend WT Points on new WT Players to boost your squad.
  • Reach WT Milestones by spending your WT Points to earn Coins, Skill Boosts, Training XP, WT Tickets, Rank Shards and WT Players.



Kickoff Weekend Tournament by choosing between H2H or VSA. H2H costs 2 WT Tickets per match and VSA costs 1 WT Ticket per match. Win games to receive WT Points. H2H offers double the rewards of VSA. Win Rewards increase based on your current winning streak.



Squad Building

Claim your first 11 players at the start of each month to build your new squad. Every month will have different leagues to choose players from. Your squad must only have WT Players from the selected leagues for that specific month.


Month 1:

  • La Liga
  • EFL Championship
  • Liga MX
  • A-League
  • K-League

Month 2:

  • Bundesliga
  • Liga NOS
  • Jupiler Pro League
  • Saudi Pro League
  • Austrian Bundesliga
  • Scottish Premiership

Month 3:

  • Premier League
  • Eredivisie
  • Süper Lig
  • Swiss Super League
  • Eliteserien
  • Indian Super League

Month 4:

  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • MLS
  • Argentina Primera División


Over the course of the month, squad restrictions will change according to the table below. Hint: Players below 80 OVR do not count towards team Chemistry. You can strategically use players in your lineup to avoid chemistry restrictions!


Month 1



Squad Restriction (WT Players Only)

Week 1

Max 90 OVR and 55 Chemistry

Week 2

Max 100 OVR and 120 Chemistry

Week 3

Max 105 OVR

Week 4

Max 120 OVR


Month 2, 3, 4



Squad Restriction (WT Players Only)

Week 1

Max 95 OVR and 125 Chemistry

Week 2

Max 105 OVR and 180 Chemistry

Week 3

Max 110 OVR and 220 Chemistry

Week 4

Max 120 OVR



Note: Perks bonuses and Skill Boosts apply to OVR and Chemistry.


Rewards Chapter

Use your WT Points here to redeem WT Players for your squad. These players are only available for the month they are released.

image (19).png


Monthly Rewards

Use Premium Points to earn Weekend Tournament Masters from the leagues added each month. These players are only available for the month they are released. 30 WT points for a 97 OVR Player, 70 WT points for a 100 OVR Player.




Weekend Tournament Pass

Based on how many WT Points you spend in the Rewards chapter, you can earn extra Milestone Rewards. The Weekend Tournament Pass resets every weekend, so get as far as you can before every Sunday at 19:00 UTC!



WT Points Milestone

Milestone Reward*

25 WT Points

70+ OVR WT Player

50 WT Points

200,000 Coins

75 WT Points

200 Skill Boosts

100 WT Points

80,000 Training XP

125 WT Points

80+ OVR WT Player

150 WT Points

3 WT Tickets

175 WT Points

300 Skill Boosts

200 WT Points

40 Common Rank Shards

225 WT Points

10 WT Premium Points

250 WT Points

1,000,000 Coins

275 WT Points

20 Rare Rank Shards

*Milestone Rewards have been modified for Month 3 & 4



All WT Tickets and Points carry over from week to week. They do not reset weekly or monthly.


currencyItem_ticket_ROL.pngWT Tickets:

    • Use them to play H2H or VSA.
    • Earn additional WT Tickets from Milestones in Division Rivals, Ads and Coin Packs.

currency_point_WT.pngWT Points:

    • Earn them by playing H2H or VSA matches.
    • Spend them in the Rewards Chapter.

currencyItem_Premium_Point_Pack.pngPremium WT Points:

    • Earned in the Weekend Tournament Pass.
    • Buy them in the Store.
    • Spend them in the Monthly Rewards Chapter.


Have fun with Weekend Tournament! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


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