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Greetings FIFA Mobile fans,


It’s finally time for Preseason! In this epic adventure, you’ll travel across multiple maps, defeat bosses, and escape dungeons. The journey to the new Season begins!


  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 Adventure Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Weekly Coin Packs that give 10 Adventure Energy for 125,000 coins
  • Daily Claim: 4 Loot Dice & 2 Magic Scrolls
  • Energy: Adventure Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 18
  • Event Duration: October 14th – November 2nd (19 Days)

Basic Event Flow:

  • Play Matches and Skill Games along the 3 Adventure Paths to earn Preseason Points and Players.
  • Complete Daily Quests to earn Questing Score and top the Leaderboard.
  • Complete Side Dungeons in the Adventure Paths for additional Questing Score and Training XP.
  • Use Loot Dice to claim rewards from the Dragon’s Hoard.
  • Spend Preseason Points to earn Now & Later Points and Players.
  • Spend Forge Points to craft Players in the Forge.
  • Claim Now & Later rewards to increase your rewards for next Season.



Preseason Quest

Work your way through 3 different books, each with 3 separate acts within them:


  • Journey to Kick-Off Canyon
  • Curse of Red Card Castle
  • Wrath of the Header King

Use your Adventure Energy to complete matches along the different Adventure Paths. At the end of each act, you’ll be greeted by a Boss of the area. Keep your wits about you and play for the win to earn a Preseason Player. Defeating the Boss battle opens the next Preseason book with new matches and new rewards!




As you advance through the Adventure Paths, you will unlock optional side paths, called Side Dungeons. They are skill games that can be completed for Training XP and Questing Score. Side Dungeons use base stamina, and can be replayed up to a certain amount. The limit can be refreshed through the use of Gems or FIFA Points.



Dragon’s Hoard

Use Loot Dice to open nodes containing different rewards, including Preseason Players, Magic Scrolls, and Forge Points. Rewards change daily, so make sure to check back in regularly!

preseason7 (2).jpg


Now & Later

Spend your Preseason Points along the path to earn rewards, including Now & Later Players. Redeeming a Now & Later Player for use in your current team and your Legacy Team, and you’ll receive a different version of the same player when the new Season starts.




Craft your very own player in the Forge! Use Forge Points to choose the OVR and position category of the player you want. From there, claim a reward pack that contains a player with your desired requirements.



Your Legacy

Check in here to see what Legacy rewards will grant you rewards for the new Season. Keep track of the Now & Later Players* you’ve claimed as well as the total sum of Now & Later Points you’ll start the new Season with! Every player you acquire, and every extra point you hold onto will give you that much more of a leg up with the start of the new Season! Read this for more information on Legacy Team, and what progress carries over to the new Season.


*Now & Later Players can’t be auctioned on the market.



Daily Quests & Leaderboard

Complete daily quests to earn Questing Score. Place on the Questing Score Leaderboard to earn extra Forge Points, Coins, and even a special Preseason Logo!


Daily Requirement


Spend 15 Adventure Energy

10 Questing Score

Spend 20,000 Coins

10 Questing Score

Score 15 Goals

10 Questing Score

Earn 20 Forge Points

20 Questing Score

Spend 50,000 Coins

20 Questing Score

Win 3 VSA/H2H Matches

20 Questing Score

Spend 2 Magic Scrolls

30 Questing Score

Spend 1 Loot Dice

30 Questing Score

Spend 100,000 Coins

30 Questing Score





currency_Point_PreSeason.pngPreseason Points

  • Earn them from Adventure Paths.
  • Spend them along the Now & Later Path.


currency_NowLater_PreSeason.pngNow & Later Points

  • Earn them from the Now & Later Path and the Preseason Star Pass. 
  • Spend them in the New Season when it arrives.


currency_QuestingScore_PreSeason.pngQuesting Score

  • Earn them from completing Daily Quests and Side Dungeons.
  • Place on the Questing Score Leaderboard for added rewards.


currency_Dice_Point_PreSeason.pngLoot Dice

  • Earn them from Daily Rewards and the Now & Later Path. 
  • Use them in the Dragon’s Hoard for a variety of rewards.


currency_MagicScroll_PreSeason.pngMagic Scrolls

  • Earn them from Daily Rewards and the Now & Later Path. 
  • Use them to open a Special Pack in the Store for a variety of rewards.


currency_Forge_Points_PreSeason.pngForge Points

  • Earn them from the Now & Later Path and Leaderboards. 
  • Use them to craft players in the Forge.

Best of luck with Preseason, fortune favors the brave! Stay posted for more information both in game and on Twitter @EAFIFAMOBILE


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