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Welcome to Legacy, the mode that lets you preserve your final team from this Season to use in the upcoming Season! Play with your old squad in special Campaign challenges designed specifically for them.


Setting up your Legacy Team

Before the new Season of FIFA Mobile begins in November, make sure to have your preferred Starting 11 set as Active. You won’t be able to modify your Legacy Team once the new Season starts, and your Legacy Team Players will permanently keep the stats that carry over at launch. Legacy Team is only available for players participating this Season with a Starting 11.


Legacy Campaign

Use your Legacy Team for the special Legacy Campaign where you can play PvE matches, or challenge other players’ Legacy Teams in VS Attack and Head to Head gameplay. In Legacy Campaign challenges, you can:


  • Win matches to earn Legacy Points.
  • Use Legacy Points on Players, Skill Boosts, and Training XP.
  • Reach Legacy Point Milestones to unlock Bonus Rewards and a Reward Multiplier for double or triple the rewards.

Once you’ve completed the entire campaign and claimed all the rewards, your Legacy Team will still be available to use in a free-play format.


Challenges Chapter

Complete matches with new and exciting conditions that will test your playing skills. Choose one match to play per day, with a specific reward for each match. Once you’ve completed all 24 matches, you will earn yourself a special Legacy Player item for use in your current Season squad, not your current Legacy squad.



The new Season of FIFA Mobile begins in November. Click here to learn more about what that means for you. 


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