Xbox Series X logo discovered in Microsoft online trademark

Yep, that’s definitely a logo (pic: Microsoft)

The logo for the next gen Xbox console has been found online and it’s just about as inspired as the PS5 one…

When the PS5 logo was revealed to the world it became the most liked Instagram post in gaming history, but unfortunately the Xbox Series X logo has debuted under considerably less prestigious circumstances.

The logo above was discovered by fans on Reddit, in an online trademark filing by Microsoft, and as far as anyone can tell it’s the real deal.

There’s a possibility it may be an outdated design, or perhaps just one of many, but odds are this is exactly what it appears to be: a slightly uninspiring logo for Microsoft’s most powerful next gen console.

The trademark covers almost every product imaginable, including not just software and hardware but watches, keychains, kites, plushies, shirts, shoes, rucksacks, drinking glasses, and ‘suspenders’ – by which we think Americans mean braces.

There’s no mention of pogs, but otherwise we think they’ve got it all covered.

In other words, the logo is designed for anything and everything that’s Xbox Series X related, although we imagine the traditional ‘X’ for Xbox logo will still be around as well.

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It’s also extremely likely that the rumoured Xbox Series S console will have its own logo in a similar style. And as you’d expect it didn’t take the Internet long to create a mock-up of what it’ll probably look like.

It is interesting, though, that the logo is just ‘Series X’, with no mention of the Xbox brand. Xbox Series X is an unwieldy name, that has no obvious way to abbreviate it beyond just not saying the Xbox part, but that in itself is just one of many reasons to think it wasn’t a very good name in the first place…

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