iPhone SE: Unlike the original, the new one doesn’t have a headphone jack


The iPhone SE for 2020.


Apple’s new iPhone SE for 2020 serves as a long overdue sequel to its 2016 budget iPhone. With a four-year gap between the new iPhone SE and the older one, Apple included many welcomed upgrades, including wireless charging, better camera specs and water resistance. But for wired headphone users, another change may be more of a drag: The new iPhone SE doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Since 2017 and starting with the iPhone 7, Apple began to leave out the audio port from its handsets and it hasn’t looked back. This is unlike, for example, Google, which didn’t equip its 2019 Pixel 4 flagship with a headphone jack but included the port in its budget Pixel 3A phone. If you don’t want to listen to music or calls through the phone’s speaker, you’ll either need to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, attach a dongle or use headphones that connect via the phone’s Lightning port.

The 4.7-inch iPhone SE starts at $399, £419 or AU$749 and goes on sale April 17. For more information, read CNET’s iPhone SE 2020 first-take here.

iPhone SE: Unlike the original, the new one doesn't have a headphone jack

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